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This is your place for the latest Honda motorcycle news and reviews. Honda, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world since 1959, has been producing Honda motorcycles since 1955. The marquee of marquees in the motorcycle world, Honda is synonymous with racing, performance, quality, and value. The Japanese company’s product lines are legendary and Honda’s entry into and rapid dominance of the expanding U.S. Motorcycle Market in the 1960s was nothing short of revolutionary. Honda entered a market dominated by European makes and models and, by making reliable, affordable machines, overtook the market completely in a short amount of time.

Honda Touring Motorcycles

The Honda Goldwing helped create the touring category over 30 years ago and it still sets the standard with the Gold Wing Tour and standard Gold Wing. The Honda ST1300, Interstate, NM4 and CTX700 are also popular touring motorcycles.

Honda Sport Motorcycles

The Honda CBR line is the premium Sport Bike in the Honda lineup. The Honda CB line provides a more casual sport motorcycle alternative. The Honda CB300R is a great entry-level sport bike. The Honda Interceptor has a cult following for its mix of sporting performance and styling. The Honda Grom is classified in Honda Sport Motorcycle line but the small bike has created a new category of small, fun transportation.

Honda Cruiser Motorcycles

Honda has several models that fit into the Cruiser segment. The Honda Rebel, Fury, Gold Wing , Interstate, CTX1300, Shadow, CTX700N and NM4 are all good options.

Honda Adventure Motorcycles

Honda re-entered the Adventure, or ADV, motorcycle market with the Africa Twin in 2017. Then in 2018, Honda added the Africa Twin Adventure Sports model with more range and more features.

Honda Minimoto Bikes

The Honda Grom has been one of the most popular motorcycles in the US for several years. The “mini” sized bike that is still comfortable for adults is a lot of fun and is also functional transportation. The Honda Monkey is another fun bike that was re-introduced as a 2019 model. The Honda Super Cub is the most popular transportation vehicle produced and that too was re-introduced to the US market as a 2019 model.

Honda Motocross Bikes

Honda motocross bikes have been among the most popular since the first Elsinore was introduced in the 70’s. The current Honda CRF line of motocross bikes are among the class leaders.

Honda Off-Road Motorcycles

For those riders looking for high-performance off-road motorcycles, the Honda CRF450RX and CRF250RX provide great options. They are derived from the Honda CRF motocross bikes but include features that make them more capable for off-road riding including larger gas tanks, 18-inch rear wheels and kickstands.

Honda Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Honda introduced the CRF450L Dual-Sport bike for 2019 and that provides a high-performance option for riders looking for a street legal bike that will also perform well off-road. For more entry level riding, the Honda XR650L and CRF250L are great options.  And the CRF250L Rally has a really great look on a very competent motorcycle.

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