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This is your place for all the latest Suzuki Motorcycle News and Reviews. Suzuki started in the textile industry in the early 1900s and began producing engines for bicycles after World War II. The company has evolved to become one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. Suzuki has had great racing success going back to the early days of motocross and their GSX-R Sportbikes have won numerous Superbike championships.

Suzuki Sport Bike Motorcycles

Suzuki has one of the largest lines of Sport Bikes available. The GSX-R line includes 1000, 750 and 600 models. This is the high-performance line that has won several Superbike championships.

The GSX-S 1000 is closely related to the GSX-R but has a more upright riding position and less bodywork. The GSX250R range is the entry model in the Suzuki lineup.

Suzuki also offers the Hayabusa, which is a large displacement Sport Bike that created the category.

Suzuki Standard Motorcycles

The Suzuki GSX-S models fall into the Standard category and includes both 1000 and 750 options. The Bandit 1250S is a popular model that has been in the line for many years. The SV650 range has a few different options and this is another model that has been popular for years.

If you are looking for more entry-level Standard models, the Suzuki GW250, TU250X and unique VanVan 200 are great options.

Suzuki Cruiser Motorcycles

The Suzuki Boulevard line includes several variations for riders looking for a Cruiser model.

Suzuki Touring Motorcycles

The Suzuki Boulevard C90T and Boulevard C50T are outfitted for Touring.

Suzuki Adventure Motorcycles

The Suzuki V-Strom line includes both 1000 and 650 variations. These have been a popular choice for several years due to great performance and value.

Suzuki Motocross Bikes

Suzuki was one of the pioneering manufacturers when Motocross started to become popular in the late ‘60s. That tradition has carried on with several championships for the RM-Z 450 in recent years. The RM-Z250 is also a great bike and the RM85 is the bike that helps gets younger riders started in Motocross.

Suzuki Off-Road Motorcycles

The RMX450Z is an off-road bike loosely based on the RMZ Motocross bikes. It has a headlight, 18-inch rear wheel and other features that make it more off-road worthy.

For entry-level off-road riders, the DR-Z125L, DR-Z70, and DR-Z50 are popular models.

Suzuki Dual-Sport Motorcycles

The DR650S has been in the Suzuki line for many years and continues to be a popular Dual-Sport option for riders looking for large displacement for a lot of road riding. The DR-Z400 is another extremely popular model due to good performance and great reliability. The DR200S and VanVan 200 are more entry-level Dual-Sport models.

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