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This is your source for all of the latest KTM Motorcycle News and Reviews. KTM is an Austrian motorcycle brand that recently passed BMW as the largest European motorcycle manufacturer. The brand has been focused on off-road and Motocross for most of its history but after expanding into Adventure Motorcycles, KTM has added several street models over the past decade.

KTM Motocross Bikes

After several years as one of the most dominant off-road motorcycle manufacturers, KTM has come on strong in the Motocross segment in the last decade. The orange bikes have won several motocross and Supercross championships in recent years. The SX line of bikes is aimed at motocross and includes both 450, 350 and 250 Four Stroke models designated as SX-F. KTM is one of the few manufacturers that is still actively developing and marketing two-stroke models and offers a line that includes 250, 150, 125, 85, 65 and 50cc models.

KTM Off-Road Motorcycles

KTM has become the dominant brand in both US and International off-road motorcycle racing and that is due in part to a wide range of models for all types of off-road riding and racing.

The Four Stroke XC-F line includes 450, 350 and 250 models. For two-stroke fans, KTM offers the XC line of 300, 250 and 150 models. KTM also introduced the XC-W TPI fuel-injected two-stroke model in 2018 and for 2019, added 300 and 250 XC versions.

KTM Dual-Sport Motorcycles

The KTM EXC-F Dual Sport bikes are some of the most off-road worthy motorcycles available but also have the added benefit of being street legal. So you can get a license place to connect some of the best trails on highways. The EXC-F is available as a 500, 350 and 250. KTM also sells a 450 EXC-F model that includes ISDE graphics and some special parts each year.

KTM Adventure Motorcycles

When KTM entered the Adventure category with the 950 Adventure in 2003, the bike helped fuel a category that was ready to expand. The 990 Adventure was introduced in 2006 with more displacement and fuel injection. The KTM 1190 Adventure hit the market in 2014 and the KTM Adventure line has expanded significantly in recent years.

The KTM Adventure line now includes the 1290 Super Adventure R (off-road worthy), 1290 Super Adventure S (More street focused), 1090 Adventure R, 790 Adventure R, 790 Adventure and a single cylinder 690 Enduro R.

KTM Sport Bike Motorcycles

KTM has just one true Sport Bike in the line, which is the RC390. This single cylinder bike is popular for track days or sporty street riding.

KTM Standard Motorcycles

KTM has three Standard or “Naked” bikes. The 1290 Super Duke R is a beast of a motorcycle that is capable of carving canyons and is the current outright motorcycle record holder for the Pikes Peak hill climb.

The 790 version of the Duke is the Middleweight record holder at Pike Peak. The 390 Duke is a more entry level bike but includes the KTM Duke styling and roots.

The KTM 690 SMR is technically a Supermoto bike but is very unique. The 690 single provides plenty of power for riding the roads and canyons in an upright “moto” position.

KTM Sport-Touring Motorcycles

KTM has just one model in the Sport Touring motorcycle category but it is a great option. The 1290 Super Duke GT includes hard bags, a taller windshield, and a more comfortable seat, even for riding two-up.

You can visit the KTM North America website here: https://www.ktm.com

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