Husqvarna Motorcycles started producing motorcycles in 1903. As the oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production, the historically Swedish brand has 110 years of history. Starting its motocross legacy in the 1950’s along with Europe’s birth of the sport, Husqvarna road machines were quickly modified for the scramble-style courses off-road. It won its first motocross championship in 1959 and was dominate throughout the 60’s and 70’s.

Husqvarna has the unique position of enjoying a rich, successful racing heritage combined with offering the latest in motorcycle technology on proven platforms.

Husqvarna has moved around in history. First from Sweden to Italy with new owners Cagiva in 1987. Then, in 2007 BMW took the brand in-house as part of ambitious efforts to expand off-road. Finally, in 2013, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer’s company Piere Industries bought the brand and it now resides under the KTM group.

Off-road competition still headlines the Husqvarna Motorcycle world with TE (two stroke) and FE (four stroke street legal) models ready for exploring duty and TX and FX competition-ready cross-country machines ready to get racing. Motocross models follow suit with both two and four-stroke offerings. New roads for Husqvarna come via street-legal models in the 701 Enduro and Supermoto models. All modern Husqvarna motorcycles enjoy shared platform benefits with current KTM machines with only minor component differences seen between brands.

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