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This is your source for all the latest Husqvarna Motorcycle News and Reviews. Husqvarna started producing motorcycles in 1903. As the oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production, the historically Swedish brand has 110 years of history. Starting its motocross legacy in the 1950s along with Europe’s birth of the sport, Husqvarna road machines were quickly modified for the scramble-style courses off-road. It won its first motocross championship in 1959 and was dominant throughout the ’60s and ’70s.

Husqvarna has moved around in history. First from Sweden to Italy with new owners Cagiva in 1987. Then, in 2007 BMW took the brand in-house as part of ambitious efforts to expand off-road. Finally, in 2013, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer’s company Piere Industries bought the brand and it now resides under the KTM group.

Husqvarna Motocross Bikes

Husqvarna offers both four-stroke and two-stroke motocross bikes. Husqvarna also offers a Rockstar Edition of the FC 450. In the four-stroke (FC line), Husky offers 450, 350 and 250 models. On the two-stroke front, models are available in 250, 125, 85, 65 and 50cc sizes.

Husqvarna Off-Road Motorcycles

Husqvarna has a wide range of off-road motorcycles. The FX 450 and FX 350 Four-stroke models are designated as “Cross Country”. Husky also offers the TX 300i, fuel injected two-stroke.

The TE two-stroke models are available with 300i and 250i fuel-injected models. And you can get a TE 150 carbureted two-stroke.

Husqvarna Dual-Sport Motorcycles

The Husqvarna FE Dual Sport models are very off-road capable bikes that are also street legal. There are four models to choose from including the 501, 450, 350 and 250.

Husqvarna also offers the 701 Enduro, a single cylinder bike with extra displacement to tackle more roads and some trails.

Husqvarna Standard Motorcycles

Husqvarna has introduced two new bikes that fall into the Standard or Naked category. The Vitpilen and Svartpilen both have 701 and 401 models.

The Vitpilen models offer a fresh, simple design aimed at urban riding. The Svartpilen has a more upright riding position with traditional handlebars.

If you are looking for a street legal, large displacement Supermoto bike, the 701 Supermoto is a really unique bike.

For pure Supermoto racing, Husqvarna offers the FS 450. It is ready for the track.

You can visit the Husqvarna North America website here:

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