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Beta is a relatively small motorcycle brand from Italy that has a rich history. The company started in the bicycle market in 1904 and started producing motorcycles at the end of the 1940s. The Beta name is a combination of the two men who were running the company at the time. In recent years, Beta has gained popularity in the US and has a relatively strong team of riders.

Beta Off-Road Motorcycles

Beta offers several models of off-road motorcycles, including a few models aimed at niche categories.

The two-stroke RR line includes 300, 250 and 120 versions. Beta also offers the RR Race Editions in 300, 250 and 125 versions that include a higher grade of suspension and other accessories.

For four-stroke fans, Beta offers 480, 430, 390 and 350 RR Race Edition models. The Beta RR four-stroke models have proven to be competitive and have even won several major races in recent years.

The unique Xtrainer features an electric start, 293cc two-stroke engine that is tuned to be easier to ride. It also includes a lower seat height making this an ideal bike for shorter riders including a lot of female riders.

The Minicross-E is an electric bike aimed at kids.

Beta Dual-Sport Motorcycles

The Beta RR-S Dual Sport models are solid off-road bikes that have the added benefit of being street legal. There are 500, 430, 390 and 350 versions available. And for a more entry-level option, Beta has a 125 RR-S.

Beta Trials Motorcycles

Beta offers a wide range of Trials motorcycles. Everything from youth sized models to the EVO models and for the serious Trials rider, the Factory Editions.

For more versatile Trials, Beta offers the EVO Trials Sport models in both two-stroke and four-stroke options.

For pure Supermoto racing, Beta offers the FS 450. It is ready for the track.

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