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The KTM EXC is an example of a Dual-Sport motorcycleThis is your destination for all the latest Dual-Sport Motorcycle News and Reviews. The Dual-Sport motorcycle movement has received a massive influx of technology and performance in the past decade.  Now, dual-sport bikes range from traditional easy-riding dirt-bike-like machines to full-on off-road bikes with license plates.  Dual-Sport bikes allow you to go absolutely anywhere with off-road suspension and handling you can predict.  Their lighter weight and nimble handling make them a worthy smaller sibling to the larger Adventure Bikes, while their riding range and cargo capacity follow suit.

Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, Comparisons and Tests

Once dominated by traditional Japanese motorcycle manufactures, the Dual-Sport motorcycle segment has been infused with high-performance off-road bikes from KTM and Husqvarna–the Austrian brands smartly capitalizing on the growing market. Smaller brands such as Beta are in the game with contenders as well. Still, traditional Dual-Sport Bike favorites from Suzuki, Kawasaki Yamaha and Honda remain relevant with a passionate following and massive accessory, aftermarket and modification industry. Dual-Sport Bikes are the light and fast way to adventure.

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