Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award Winner | Timothy Anderson

Press Release | December 3, 2020

Timothy Anderson is the winner of the Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award

The following is a press release from National Enduro…

2019 Kenda AMA National Enduro Series

About the Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award:

Patrick Koether was an amazing ambassador for the motorcycle community, who had a love for Enduro Racing and also had a large hand in lifting Rekluse Motorsports into the huge success that they are now. [He was the Rekluse Clutch sales manager and a longtime employee that was well known in the motorcycle industry. -Ed] He took great pride in the Rekluse brand and wanted to see it succeed.

Patrick enjoyed helping out a fellow racer or enthusiast, it is where his passion really lied. He would put anyone else’s needs before his own and was always there to help anyone in need. The sportsmanship that Patrick displayed throughout his whole life was remarkable.

After Patrick lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, the NEPG, Rekluse Motorsports, along with Patrick’s family wanted to create a special award in Patrick’s honor.

The 2020 Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award Winner: Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson is the winner of the Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award

We would like to congratulate Timothy Anderson as the 2020 Patrick Koether Memorial Sportsmanship Award presented by Rekluse Motorsports. Tim was nominated for the award for going above and beyond to help out his fellow riders. Tim and his team is who you will see installing Kenda Tires and tubes all weekend long at all NEPG events. He also came up with the idea to have Kenda Tubes and tools on the gas trailers at events to help fellow riders if they get a flat tire to have the equipment to fix it and continue on their race. Tim is known to go out of his way to make sure that a downed rider makes it out of the woods safely, even if it was to mean he sacrificed his own race. Tim will give any person at the event his attention to talk anything and everything about racing. He loves the sport and will never say anything negative about a fellow rider or product.

We had several nominations for the Patrick Koether award, which just goes to show you how many good people we have in our sport just like Patrick was. It was not easy to come up with just one winner for the award but after a lot of consideration a moment at the final round in Texas, gave Tim the push as the 2020 winner. NEPG boss Alan Randt was at a checkpoint during the race where Tim had stopped to let Alan know about a broke down rider on the trail, after many riders had passed by without saying a word. Tim let Alan know the rider was okay and pinpointed to what mile marker the rider was at. This allowed for the club and NEPG to get to the rider and assist with them getting off the course quickly after we were made known of the situation.

Thank you Rekluse Motorsports and Timothy Anderson. May Patrick’s legacy live on.


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