ScorpionEXO Extends Exclusive Distribution Rights With WPS, HardDrive

Press Release | June 17, 2020

ScorpionEXO and WPS renew their contract for another five years.

Western Power Sports - WPS - Scorpion Sports

This is a press release from WPS…

WPS became the exclusive distributor of ScorpionEXO helmets and apparel starting in August of 2017 under a three-year contract. Since then, WPS and ScorpionEXO have supported many new and existing dealers across the country, bringing dealers top quality product followed with industry leading service. WPS thanks each and every one of them for the support in the ScorpionEXO brand through WPS.

WPS is honored to be the exclusive distributor of ScorpionEXO product for years to come, as they have signed a five-year agreement to continue the exclusive distribution rights in the United States. WPS said it is refreshing working with partners like KIDO Sports who share our same passion and dedication for the motorsports industry. They look forward to sharing this passion for years to come.

Working together, WPS shares a common vision that sees this alliance as an exceptional opportunity for continued growth for all parties, especially their dealers and their customers. They both want quality gear stocked by their dealers that provides good margins and unequaled quality and value.

WPS is happy to continue with Scorpion Sports in the WPS and HardDrive family of vendors.


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