Catalina Grand Prix Film Screening Expected This Year

Press Release | January 24, 2019

Film about iconic Catalina Grand Prix secures theatrical distribution for fall 2019 release. And the website is live now.

Catalina Grand Prix

This is a press release from Pipeline Digital Media…

Gathr Films in Los Angeles cites success of filmmakers’ earlier motorcycle release PENTON: The John Penton Story for their decisions to take on the new film.

Fullerton, CA (January 22, 2019) – Following the success and critical acclaim of Director/Producer Todd Huffman’s and Pipeline Digital Media’s (PDM) last feature length film PENTON: The John Penton Story in 2014, Gathr Films will add the newest film, THE RACE RETURNS: The Story of the Catalina Grand Prix from PDM to its lineup for a fall/winter release in 2019.

Catalina Grand Prix

Gathr will include the new film as part of it’s unique “Theatrical On-Demand” system of distribution to get the film in front of motorcycle enthusiasts and dealers across the country. PDM has also launched the film’s website to begin building interest for the public and dealers interested in hosting a screening through Gathr Film’s extensive network of first run movie exhibitors.

“December, 2019 will be nine years since we shot the footage on Catalina for the race in 2010 when it came back after a 52-year hiatus. Finishing it and releasing it with Gathr on the big screen for 2019 will be wonderful treat for all motorcycle fans,” said Todd Huffman, Producer/Director. “Getting to utilize Gathr’s theatrical distribution method is the best and perhaps only way quality, niche market films like this can be enjoyed on the big screen for motorcycle fans and consumers.”

“Is with great enthusiasm that I can say that we are fully committed to work with Todd and his team again after a successful partnership on their feature documentary, PENTON: The John Penton Story,” said Scott Glosserman, Head of Acquisitions and Business Affairs at Gathr Films. “PDM’s initiative to engage and activate this new film’s sponsors and their retailers in the motorcycle industry is truly unique and should work well with the Gathr distribution platform.”

”THE RACE RETURNS: The Story of the Catalina Grand Prix is a feature-length documentary film covering the entire history of the Catalina Grand Prix from the early 1950’s up through its once-in-a-lifetime return in 2010. The race originally ran from 1951 through 1958 and then was cancelled for a variety of reasons. It was brought back in 2010 by a group of passionate motorcyclists and clubs and was attended by riders of all ages, skill levels, disciplines, etc.

Catalina Grand Prix
Catalina Grand Prix

It was also a showdown of two professional champions who would race each other for the first time that year: KTM’s Kurt Caselli and Honda’s Kendall Norman.

Catalina Grand Prix

The film will include over 75 interviews of riders, manufacturers, spectators, etc. spanning almost 70 years. Interviews already shot include Del Kuhn, Malcolm Smith, Dave Ekins, CJ Wheat, Ricky Johnson, Johnny Campbell, Kendall Norman, Travis and Lyn-Z Pastrana, Nancy Caselli, Anthony Di Basilio, Cameron Steele, Gary Bailey and retired Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Catalina Grand Prix

It is being produced and directed by Todd Huffman and Kevin Ward with Ward assigned Director of Photography duties. Kevin Ward has been DP on both of the definitive films on the Baja 1000, Dust to Glory (2003) and Dust 2 Glory (2017). He also served as DP on Todd Huffman’s and PDM’s Epic Ride television series for Speed in 2007-2008.

Catalina Grand Prix

The goal is to have the film ready for the Catalina Film Festival in late September and then released with Gathr for the fall/winter of 2019. A trailer will be ready for spring of 2019.

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