EBR back in limited production

Rennie Scaysbrook | December 11, 2018

EBR back in limited production—EBR Motorcycles will renew production of the EBR 1190 RX Superbike in “limited numbers”, with company owner Bill Melvin moving production from Wisconsin to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

EBR back in limited production


EBR back in limited production
Will it be fourth time’s a charm for the restarted EBR concern?

This is the fourth time EBR has been rescued from extinction, and this time it’ll be in the smallest production numbers yet for the boutique sportbike brand.

“The approach is to keep it boutique and high performance driven, ala Bugatti, Koenigsegg, or Lotus,” Melvin says.

The motorcycles will be assembled by engine builder Eric Webber and chassis tech Elliot Malzahn, both long-time Buell/EBR company men.

“It’s great to see the iconic legacy in experienced hands like Eroc and Elliot,” says Melvin. “We are fortunate the team of legacy employees stay involved to keep the only American Superbike in production. We recently received our 2019 EPA certification.”

More motorcycles are planned for 2019, so we’ll wait with bated breath to see if this is the magic bullet EBR has longed for.

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