2020 Arlington Supercross Results

Steve Cox | February 22, 2020

Attrition was the theme of the night tonight in Arlington, Texas, at round 8 of the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, inside AT&T Stadium—the second of three scheduled Triple Crown events on this year’s calendar. The first to suffer from the night’s theme was Monster Energy Kawasaki’s perennial fast qualifier Adam Cianciarulo, who went down off of a Dragon’s Back and crashed into the face of the ensuing triple, breaking his left collarbone. He’ll be out a few weeks.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Ken Roczen won the first of three main events and ended up second overall on the night. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the 450SX class, Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen got out front and fought off the advances of Red Bull KTM’s defending series champ Cooper Webb to take the win, while Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson, Monster Energy Yamaha’s Justin Barcia, and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac rounded out the top five. Tomac came through from well outside the top 10 for fifth in the short, 12-minute main event.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Eli Tomac went 5-1-1 for the win in Arlington. It was his second win in a row and extended his points lead to 4 over Roczen. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the second main event, Tomac got out front early and checked out while Anderson came through from just outside the top five to grab second. But the night’s theme of attrition reared its head again a couple laps from the end of the second main event, when defending champ Webb made a nearly identical error over the same Dragon’s Back that took Cianciarulo out and did a front-flip onto his lower back directly onto the concrete floor that lined the track.

Webb had worked his way up into a battle with the day’s fast qualifier, Motoconcepts/Bullfrog Spas Honda’s Justin Hill, inside the top five, from outside the top 10 when the crash occurred. He was very slow to get up and was sent to the hospital. He was checked out and, according to his Instagram page, he suffered a hematoma on his pelvis and his sacrum. He might be lining up for the race in Atlanta, if his week goes really well.

Tomac sped off with the win over Anderson, Hill, Anderson’s teammate Zach Osborne, and Barcia.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Jason Anderson was in the hunt for the overall win but finished third overall on the night. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the final 450SX main event, Osborne got out to the early lead while Tomac tried to work his way forward from just outside the top five. Anderson passed Osborne for the lead, and at that point led the overall for the night, but Tomac was on his way to the front and was putting in laptimes nearly a second faster than anybody on the track.

Tomac went by Anderson for the lead with a handful of laps remaining, and then took off. A few laps later, while trying to hold off Roczen for second, Anderson went down at the end of the whoops and got back up in fifth place.

The win in the third main event, and overall, went to Tomac, with Roczen second in the main and overall. Anderson was third overall, with Barcia fourth and Osborne fifth on the night.

Tomac now leads the championship chase by 7 points over Roczen, 181-174, while Webb—officially 12th on the night—is exactly one full main event behind, with 155 points. But with his status up in the air, this championship may have just become a two-horse race between Tomac and Roczen.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
RJ Hampshire won the first of three main events and ended up third overall in Texas. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the 250SX East class, GEICO Honda’s Chase Sexton came into round two with something to prove. The defending 250SX East champ, Sexton had nothing for Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Shane McElrath at the opening round. In the first of three main events, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s RJ Hampshire led before Sexton took over, but after Sexton took the lead, Hampshire punted him out of the way to take the lead back. Sexton got back going in fifth but rode angry on his way up to second in the main event, passing McElrath with a few laps left in the race.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Chase Sexton won his first event of the year and is now tied for the top of the points standings. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the second of three main events, Sexton went out and led every lap over McElrath, who came through from just outside the top five to take second. GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin—fifth in the first main event—ended up third over Smith’s teammate Garrett Marchbanks and ClubMX Yamaha’s Joey Crown. Hampshire came in sixth in front of Crown’s teammates Josh Hill and Enzo Lopes.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Shane McElrath won the final main event of the night and finished second overall. He’s tied with Sexton at the top of the points standings. PHOTO: ROB KOY

In the final main event, McElrath got out front early and held off Sexton for the entire 14 laps, while Sexton seemed happy to hang in second, secure in the knowledge that it would give him the overall win on the night. Hampshire finished third over Martin and Marchbanks.

Smith, who was in the battle for the win in the first main event and finished fourth, suffered from falls in the final two mains and ended up 13th overall on the night.

After two rounds, Sexton and McElrath share the championship lead, with Martin 9 points behind.

The series continues next Saturday afternoon inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Racing starts at 4:30 pm Eastern time.


450SX Main Event:

1. Eli Tomac Kaw 5-1-1
2. Ken Roczen Hon 1-7-2
3. Jason Anderson Hus 3-2-5
4. Justin Barcia Yam 4-5-4
5. Zach Osborne Hus 7-4-3
6. Justin Hill Hon 6-3-8
7. Malcolm Stewart Hon 8-6-9
8. Aaron Plessinger Yam 9-10-7
9. Dean Wilson Hus 13-9-6
10. Blake Baggett KTM 10-8-13
11. Vince Friese Hon 12-11-10
12. Cooper Webb KTM 2-17-20
13. Chad Reed Hon 14-12-16
14. Ryan Breece Suz 18-15-11
15. Kyle Chisholm Yam 19-13-12
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw 16-14-14
17. Martin Davalos KTM 11-20-19
18. Kyle Cunningham Suz 17-19-15
19. James Weeks Yam 20-16-17
20. Ronnie Stewart Hus 21-18-18
21. Justin Brayton Hon 15-21-21
22. Broc Tickle Suz 22-22-22


250SX Main Event:

1. Chase Sexton Hon 2-1-2
2. Shane McElrath Yam 3-2-1
3. RJ Hampshire Hus 1-6-3
4. Jeremy Martin Hon 5-3-4
5. Garrett Marchbanks Kaw 6-4-5
6. Josh Hill Yam 9-7-6
7. Joey Crown Yam 7-5-10
8. Enzo Lopes Yam 8-8-7
9. Jalek Swoll Hus 10-12-9
10. Jo Shimoda Hon 14-10-8
11. Jordan Bailey Hon 13-11-12
12. John Short Hon 13-11-12
13. Jordon Smith Kaw 4-20-14
14. Lorenzo Locurcio Kaw 16-17-11
15. Curren Thurman KTM 17-15-13
16. Dustin Winter KTM 15-13-18
17. Richard Jackson Suz 18-16-16
18. Jace Owen Hon 11-21-21
19. Kevin Moranz KTM 21-14-19
20. Isaac Teasdale Suz 20-18-17
21. Wilson Fleming Hon 19-19-20
22. Kyle Peters Hon 22-22-22


450SX Points Standings:

1. Eli Tomac 181/4 wins
2. Ken Roczen 174/2 wins
3. Cooper Webb 155/1 win
4. Justin Barcia 154/1 win
5. Jason Anderson 139
6. Adam Cianciarulo 128
7. Malcolm Stewart 122
8. Justin Hill 110
9. Zach Osborne 105
10. Justin Brayton 105
11. Blake Baggett 104
12. Dean Wilson 100
13. Aaron Plessinger 92
14. Vince Friese 82
15. Martin Davalos 65
16. Tyler Bowers 49
17. Chad Reed 31
18. Kyle Chisholm 29
19. Ryan Breece 25
20. Justin Bogle 20


250SX East Points Standings:

1. Chase Sexton 49/1 win
2. Shane McElrath 49/1 win
3. Jeremy Martin 40
4. RJ Hampshire 38
5. Garrett Marchbanks 37
6. Joey Crown 31
7. Jordon Smith 28
8. Josh Hill 28
9. Jo Shimoda 26
10. Enzo Lopes 19
11. John Short 19
12. Jordan Bailey 18
13. Kyle Peters 17
14. Jace Owen 17
15. Jimmy Decotis 14
16. Jalek Swoll 14
17. Cedric Soubeyras 10
18. Nick Gaines 9
19. Lorenzo Locurcio 9
20. Curren Thurman 9

Arlington Supercross Qualifying

Qualifying is done in Texas for the Arlington Supercross, round 8 of the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, with 22 racers moving through to the night show in each class, since tonight’s race is a Triple Crown event—where each class has three separate main events, but no heat races or night-time LCQs.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Adam Cianciarulo went down in qualifying and broke his left clavicle, ending his streak at the top of the qualifying charts. He’ll be out a few weeks. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Adam Cianciarulo’s top-qualifier streak ended in Arlington after seven consecutive weeks qualifying on top. The Monster Energy Kawasaki racer will be out at least 3 weeks (probably longer) with a broken left collarbone suffered when he missed the top whoop on a Dragon’s Back and endoed into the face of a triple jump.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Justin Hill topped 450SX qualifying for tonight’s Triple Crown event. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Taking over for Cianciarulo as the top qualifier? Motoconcepts/Smartop/Bullfrog Spas Honda’s Justin Hill, who threw down a 45.958 in the final timed qualifying session. Second in qualifying, for the 8th week in a row, went to current points leader Eli Tomac, with a 46.097. Then came Team Tedder/Monster Energy KTM’s Martin Davalos and defending champ, Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb.

With Cianciarulo out injured (even though he qualified 11th overall with his time from the first timed session), the 450SX LCQ transferred the top five to the night show. The HEP Suzuki duo of Kyle Cunningham and Ryan Breece swept the top two over Team Chiz/Ti-Lube/Rock River Yamaha’s Kyle Chisholm.

2020 Arlington Supercross Results
Shane McElrath topped the 250SX East qualifying charts in Arlington. PHOTO: ROB KOY

Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Shane McElrath, who won last week’s 250SX East series opener in Tampa, topped qualifying for tonight’s race in Texas. In fact, the top three in today’s timed qualifying mirrors the main-event results from Tampa a week ago, with defending champ Chase Sexton second and his GEICO Honda teammate Jeremy Martin second and third.

Racing kicks off at 8:30 Eastern and 5:30 Pacific time on NBC Sports Network or on the NBC Sports Gold App.

450SX Qualifying:

1. Justin Hill Hon 45.958
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 46.097
3. Martin Davalos KTM 46.319
4. Cooper Webb KTM 46.364
5. Jason Anderson Hus 46.600
6. Ken Roczen Hon 46.765
7. Zach Osborne Hus 46.892
8. Dean Wilson Hus 47.125
9. Justin Brayton Hon 47.185
10. Blake Baggett KTM 47.241
11. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 47.252 (OUT)
12. Aaron Plessinger Yam 47.346
13. Malcolm Stewart Hon 47.368
14. Justin Barcia Yam 47.418
15. Chad Reed Hon 47.464
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw 47.820
17. Broc Tickle Suz 47.867
18. Vince Friese Hon 48.135
19. Kyle Cunningham Suz 1st place, LCQ
20. Ryan Breece Suz 2nd place, LCQ
21. Kyle Chisholm Yam 3rd place, LCQ
22. James Weeks Yam 4th place, LCQ
23. Ronnie Stewart Hus 5th place, LCQ

250SX East Qualifying:

1. Shane McElrath Yam 45.406
2. Chase Sexton Hon 46.331
3. Jeremy Martin Hon 46.570
4. Jordon Smith Kaw 46.871
5. RJ Hampshire Hus 47.006
6. Josh Hill Yam 48.152
7. Jace Owen Hon 48.188
8. Garrett Marchbanks Kaw 48.246
9. Enzo Lopes Yam 48.310
10. Jalek Swoll Hus 48.679
11. Joey Crown Yam 48.702
12. John Short Hon 48.725
13. Jo Shimoda Hon 48.861
14. Kyle Peters Hon 48.909
15. Wilson Fleming Hon 48.983
16. Richard Jackson Suz 49.037
17. Isaac Teasdale Suz 49.048
18. Dustin Winter KTM 49.054
19. Lorenzo Locurcio Kaw 1st place, LCQ
20. Kevin Moranz KTM 2nd place, LCQ
21. Jordan Bailey Hon 3rd place, LCQ
22. Curren Thurman KTM 4th place, LCQ


2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Schedule

Round 1 January 4 Anaheim, California
Round 2 January 11 St. Louis, Missouri
Round 3 January 18 Anaheim, California
Round 4 January 25 Glendale, Arizona
Round 5 February 1 Oakland, California
Round 6 February 8 San Diego, California
Round 7 February 15 Tampa, Florida
Round 8 February 22 Arlington (Dallas), Texas
Round 9 February 29 Atlanta, Georgia
Round 10 March 7 Daytona, Florida
Round 11 March 14 Indianapolis, Indiana
Round 12 March 21 Detroit, Michigan
Round 13 March 28 Seattle, Washington
Round 14 April 4 Denver, Colorado
Round 15 April 18 Foxborough, Massachusetts
Round 16 April 25 Las Vegas, Nevada
Round 17 May 2 Salt Lake City, Utah

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