Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket Review

| February 22, 2020

I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. When Mother Nature turns ugly, having the proper gear will not only keep you riding dry and comfortable but helps with fatigue and your overall sense of happiness—even in a pouring rainstorm or on a freezing cold day.

By Keith Dowdle

The Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket will certainly be a welcome addition to your gear bag during inclement weather. The outer shell of the jacket is made from wind- and water-resistant polyester, while the inside is fixed nylon with a microfleece collar and ribbed knit cuffs, combined with Lycra side stretch panels to provide added comfort. There are a total of seven flexible carbon-fiber heating elements connected with thermoplastic elastomer wire for safety and efficiency, along with a waterproof smart touch controller, to handle the heavy lifting. The heating elements are placed throughout the jacket including the collar. The system is protected from overheating and power surge via an integrated microprocessor with thermal cut-off. It also features integrated and concealed battery harness and glove connectors. The jacket is hand washable and comes is a wide variety of sizes: men’s XS-3XL, women’s S-4XL).

Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket Stand-Out Feature: Soft and comfortable heated gear that works great

Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket Review
Tourmaster’s Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket is the latest heated jacket from the company. It’s best used as in inner layer and is powered by the motorcycle’s battery.

Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket Rider Analysis:

I love it when cage drivers look at you like you’re crazy when they see you riding on a cold and rainy day. They have no idea that you’re probably warmer than they are and you’re certainly “cooler” than they’ll ever be—all thanks to top-notch riding gear that outperforms the elements. Like sleeping in an electric blanket, riding with electric gear keeps you warm and toasty even on the coldest days. Combined with heated grips and perhaps even a heated seat, electric gear is simply a must if you plan to ride year-round.

The folks at Tourmaster recently sent us one of its Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jackets to review. This jacket is very soft, fits comfortably under my outer shell. Unlike previous heated jackets that I’ve worn in the past, some of which felt a bit lumpy—and you could feel the wires, which can often times be sometimes annoying depending where they land on you after you donned the garment—no wires can be felt in the Tourmaster jacket, which is a huge plus. This is true even around the elbows, where some heated jackets I’ve worn tend to bunch up and can become downright painful over a long day.

The Synergy Pro-Plus also uses flexible carbon-fiber heating elements that are virtually undetectable until they heat up. Once the power is on via the “smart soft touch controller,” the jacket becomes warm and comfortable in a matter of seconds. Three different switch positions—high (126°f), medium (113°f) and low (100°f)—control the temperature setting, but the switch always defaults to off if you unplug the jacket or power the bike off; I’d rather it remain where it was. This means that you have to remember to turn it back on again before you go, and since it’s located on your chest under your outer garment, you really need to stop the bike, unzip your outer shell, and power the jacket back on. Not very convenient.

I wore the Tourmaster jacket in 20-degree temps and it did a great job keeping me warm.

Overall, I liked the Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket, just wish the control switch was in a more convenient location, but if comfort and staying warm and cozy are most important to you when it’s anything but these things outside, it’s an inconvenience that, at least for me, I can live with.

Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket Review

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