Roczen To Race Red Bull Straight Rhythm

Cycle News Staff | August 30, 2019

Ken Roczen has made it known that he plans to race the Red Bull Straight Rhythm on October 5 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

The race is for two-stroke motorcycle only, so he plans to race a 2006 Honda CR250R, and not just any CR250R but the same CR250R that Jeremy McGrath raced when he was with Team Honda. It is said to be the last two-stroke ever to grab a holeshot in a supercross main event. That happened at the Phoenix Supercross in 2006.

Press Release:

Roczen To Race Red Bull Straight Rhythm

It’s official.  Ken Roczen will line up to race at Red Bull Straight Rhythm on October 5.  And while the first question is always “who will race?” the second is “what will they ride?”  In Roczen’s case, the answer is a 2006 Honda CR250 two-stroke, formerly raced by the King of Supercross himself, Jeremy McGrath.  The bike was actually the last two-stroke to holeshot in a Supercross main event, which it did at the 2006 Phoenix race.  Roczen will bring the bike back to life, but can he ride it to victory?  Get to Red Bull Straight Rhythm at Fairplex in Pomona to find out.

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