Throwback Thursday: Daytona Supercross ‘79

Larry Lawrence | August 23, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Daytona Supercross ‘79

Daytona SX 1979
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In this week’s Throwback we dial back the wayback machine to 1979 and that year’s Daytona Supercross. It was a time when many people were ready to smash their radios if they heard Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” one more time! Seminal TV show All in the Family came to an end after a nine-year-run and in the movie theaters Norma Rae and The China Syndrome were debuting.

On the AMA Supercross circuit Yamaha’s defending champ Bob Hannah was on a two-race winning streak coming into Daytona, but was veteran Jimmy Weinert who scored his second surprise win of that year’s series.

In this photo you can see Hannah closest to the camera on the No. 1 Yamaha. Rival Kent Howerton is just behind Hannah on the No. 17 Suzuki. Also getting a good start are Can-Am’s Greg Robertson (78), Suzuki’s Darrell Schultz (20), factory Honda riders Marty Tripes (48) and Steve Wise (15) and Suzuki’s Danny LaPorte (14) who appears to have gotten the best jump out of the gate.

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