AHRMA Barber Cup Pro Challenge

Press Release | August 21, 2019

AHRMA announces third annual AHRMA Barber Cup Pro Challenge Presented by Moto Corse Performance

 AHRMA Barber Cup Pro Challenge

This is a press release from AHRMA…

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The third annual AHRMA Barber Cup (formerly the Formula Thunder Pro Challenge) will take place on completion of the AHRMA racing schedule on October 5, 2019, during the 15th annual Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, AL. Sponsorships and purse to be announced.

This 10-lap special race is open to 20 competitors and will take place immediately following completion of the AHRMA’s Saturday race schedule. A 20-minute qualifying session will run after practice on Thursday or Friday (depending on weather conditions). No track time will be taken from our roadrace program.

Nate Kern out front
Geoff May (99), Tommy Bridewell (46), Taylor Knapp (44).

Racer Requirements:

  1. Be a licensed AHRMA competitor
  2. Take part in at least one day of practice, either Thursday or Friday
  3. Participate in qualifying round following scheduled practice on Friday evening
  4. Be entered in the regular Formula Thunder race on Saturday
  5. Be capable of running in the front part of the field in an AHRMA Formula Thunder race (based on lap times)
    • Eligible riders will be notified by email on September 15
    • For equipment rules, see the AHRMA Handbook, and specific Sections 9.8 and 10.17. The AHRMA Handbook is available online at www.ahrma.org/ahrma-handbook

For more information, visit www.ahrma.org or email luke.conner@ahrma.org


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