2019 WorldSBK Rev Limit Released

Gordon Ritchie | February 17, 2019

2019 WorldSBK Rev Limit Released Ahead of Phillip Island. — The WorldSBK Championship features some new and updated models in 2019. As a result, the maximum 2019 WorldSBK rev limit has been altered for a few manufacturers.

2019 WorldSBK Rev Limit Rea corner
Some clever work by Kawasaki sees the ZX-10RR get a nice 500 rpm hike over last year.

The most radical change is because of the most radical machine imaginable. Ducati has traded in its V-twin credentials to join the four-cylinder club, with a hyper-revving Panigale V4R rather than a more conventional across-the frame engine configuration.

As a road bike the V4 R redlines at 16,000 rpm, and presents peak power at 15,250 rpm, so after the FIM has performed its calculations it is now allowed to rev to 16,350 rpm, in full WorldSBK trim. The next most rev-happy WorldSBK machinery comes in below the 15,000 rpm barrier, so there is a huge difference for Ducati to exploit if they can get their engineering right.

Kawasaki Gets More Revs

Another ‘new’ bike is the Ninja ZX-10RR, although mostly new just because of its higher revving 2019 engine design. As a road bike it has 600 more rpm compared to the previous model, but in WorldSBK trim, it has ‘just’ 500 rpm more. It will have a maximum of 14,600 rpm starting the new season.

The new BMW S 1000 RR has a new and confirmed limiter setting of 14,900 rpm, according to the new FIM press release, although it is shown as 14,950 rpm in the recent FIM ‘yellow book’ of rules, to be found on the FIM website. Those extra 50 revs are only available to the 2018 version, however, not the 2019 one.

Curiously, the Suzuki GSX-R1000R ended up with a max of 14,700 rpm last year, but starts this season with a max limit of 14,900 rpm after a more thorough test of its real engine capabilities has been carried out for 2019. No one currently runs Suzuki’s full time, but these are the limits for wildcards or any teams that may join the series after the season starts.

2019 Season-Starting WorldSBK Rev Limit Table

Aprilia   14,700 rpm

BMW     14,900 rpm (50 rpm less than last year’s model)

Ducati   V4 16,350 (all new engine for 2019)

Honda   14,550 rpm

Kawasaki           14,600 rpm (500 more than 2018 model)

MV Agusta        14,950 rpm

Suzuki   14,900 rpm

Yamaha 14,700 rpm

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