Pro Moto Billet Acquires Ankle Savers Patent

Press Release | January 28, 2019

Ankle Savers athletes, dealers and customers welcomed into the Fastway by Pro Moto Billet team.


This is a press release from Pro Moto Billet…

Pro Moto Billet announced today the acquisition of the patent and branding of the footpeg-technology company Ankle Savers and its immediate inclusion into the expanding lineup of Fastway premium off-road motorcycle footpegs.

Already implemented in the revolutionary Fastway AIR EXT footpeg, Ankle Savers technology re-imagines what stability, safety, and control can feel like. The extended rear section of the pegs gives riders more confidence when landing and more control at the pegs in all riding situations.

“From our very first prototypes of the AIR EXT footpeg, I knew we had something special,” said Lynn Hodges, owner of Pro Moto Billet/Fastway. “That feeling was reinforced over the past few riding seasons of AIR EXT customer experiences and continued development. It’s now clear we are just scratching the surface of what improved performance, stability, and safety can mean for recreational and competitive riders. Thanks to the American-made ingenuity of Tom and his original Ankle Savers technology, Fastway is ready to develop the next generation of Ankle Saver-inspired footpeg products. We can’t wait to show riders what we are working on.”

“After almost a decade of development and branding, I am very excited to pass the torch to Pro Moto Billet,” said Tom Crain, President and Founder of Moto Innovations and inventor of the Ankle-saver footpegs. “Fastway by Pro Moto Billet is one of the industry’s top leaders in innovative design and manufacturing of billet products for dirt bikes. A top-notch company that can take this product to the next level and make it available to every rider who throws a leg over a dirt bike.”

Starting immediately, all Ankle Savers athletes, dealers and customers will be welcomed into the Fastway by Pro Moto Billet team and enjoy direct communication with the Idaho-based headquarters.

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