FLY Racing Adds to MX Team

Press Release | May 21, 2020

WPS announced several personnel changes for FLY Racing’s MX team.

 WPS announced several personnel changes for FLY Racing’s MX team.
Cole Siebler, Bob Lowry and Jason Thomas.

This is a press release from WPS…

Cole Siebler – FLY Racing MX/Off-Road National Sales Manager

Cole Siebler will move into the role of Fly Racing’s national sales manager and will assume more management responsibilities for the Fly Racing brand. Siebler will use his experience gained over the past several years to keep FLY Racing at the forefront of the MX/off-road market as a brand and continue growing market-share. He will also be coordinating strong communication and synergy with the sales, product development, purchasing, forecasting, marketing and brand support teams. Siebler looks forward to continuing the success Fly Racing has achieved over the years and will provide positive leadership to the Fly Racing Team along the way.

Bob Lowry – FLY Racing MX/Off-Road Market Development Manager

Bob Lowry will immediately take on the new role of FLY Racing MX/off-road market development manager. Lowry has dedicated more and more of his time over the last several months to product development and driving “In-the-Field” efforts. Events like the FLY Racing Ride Days have been a great success, along with their Dealer Development focus. Continued market development and growth needs a structured approach and the kind of experience that Lowry can bring to that effort. Lowry is the perfect choice to continue driving market development initiatives of the MX/off-road segment for WPS. Lowry is available at any time for RSM, rep and dealer support calls, and in-the-field support needs.

Jason “JT” Thomas – FLY Racing MX/Off-Road Media Relation Manager

In addition to being one of “The Famous FLY Racing Brand Managers,” Jason “JT” Thomas unofficially took on the additional role of FLY Racing MX/off-road media relations manager, a role he has fulfilled over the past few years. It is time to make this “official.”


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