Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer Product Review

Cycle News Staff | April 17, 2020

Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer Product Review

By Keith Dowdle

As with so many other things in life, having a solid foundation is key to success, and the clothing that you wear when you ride your motorcycle is no different. Advancements in shell materials now enable the modern rider to stay perfectly dry no matter what kind of weather we’re riding in, but wearing the proper base layer is critical to staying cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Forcefield, best known for its class-leading body armor, also offers different lines of base-layer clothing, such as its Tech 2 base-layer gear.

The Forcefield Tech 2 is a high-performance base-layer garment designed to help regulate body temps in all conditions
High quality is one of our favorite features of Forcefield’s Tech 2 base-layer equipment.

These highly technical garments are a far cry from T-shirts and cotton underwear. The Tech 2 features Forcefield’s trademarked thermoregulating material, BeCool, which is a four-channel fabric that provides three-times better airflow than cotton. It’s combined with Dryarn, a lightweight, breathable fiber used in performance sports clothing, creating an advanced base layer that is designed specifically for motorcyclists, but can also be used for just about any kind of sport that you’re into. Their fast-drying characteristics and antibacterial qualities make caring for them while traveling easy and convenient. And speaking of traveling, the Tech 2 base layers feature a massaging inner fabric and compression functionality in an ergonomically designed pattern to keep you comfortable on long days in the saddle. The built-in compression material is intended to keep blood flowing and promote oxygenation of muscle tissue while you’re riding.

The base layer shirt and pants come in sizes XS through XL, with a suggested retail price of $99.99 for the shirt and $69.99 for the pants. They are offered in a men’s cut. Blue is the only color option, but it looks great with its yellow stitching and Forcefield logos.

Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer Lowdown:

Stand-Out Feature: High-performance base-layer garment designed to help regulate body temps in all conditions.

MSRP: $99.99 (shirt) – $69.99 (pant)

The Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer is designed to help regulate body temps in all conditions.
The Tech 2 base layer doubles as a compression garment to help keep blood flowing.

Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer Rider Analysis:

From the moment that you first pull on the Forcefield Tech 2 base layers, you can feel the quality, from the weight of the fabric to the cut of the material. The massaging fabric is cool and comfortable. We wore the Tech 2 top and bottom underneath the Forcefield Pro X-V 1 Armor clothing and then again under traditional outer protective gear to get a feel for each combination, but what we found is that the base layer works equally well regardless of what’s being worn over it.

We started our ride early in the day with temps in the mid-50s on dry roads, and we were wearing three layers total: the Tech 2 base layer, an insulating layer, and our outer protective gear. As the day wore on, the temps climbed into the low 80s, so we shed the insulating layer and continued on. The wicking characteristic of the Forcefield BeCool material is the magic element in the design of the Tech 2 base layer. No matter what the conditions were, it continued to wick away moisture, keeping us dry and comfortable.

The compression areas and ergonomic cut of these garments really work as advertised, and we were surprised at just how comfortable we continued to be as the day went on. While the compression fabric is tight, it’s not overly tight so as to cause irritation or claustrophobia—it’s just enough to do the job. Having years of experience with different varieties of base layers, we were super impressed with the Forcefield Tech 2. Once you ride with a high-quality base layer, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it. CN

The Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer is designed to help regulate body temps in all conditions.

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