2020 Oakland Supercross Results

Steve Cox | February 1, 2020

Tomac and Ferrandis top 2020 Oakland Supercross Results. As the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series nears the end of its western swing, the cream is rising to the top in both classes. In Oakland’s RingCentral Coliseum, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac and Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis both earned their second wins of the 2020 season, in similar fashion.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Eli Tomac (3) used this move through the whoops to pass Ken Roczen (94) twice in the 450SX main event. Tomac won. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 450SX main event, the stage was set for a showdown right off the start, with Honda’s Ken Roczen leading the field in front of Tomac, Tomac’s teammate and perennial fast-qualifier Adam Cianciarulo, and Red Bull KTM’s defending champ Cooper Webb. Cianciarulo went by Tomac right away and tried to find his way around Roczen, but he couldn’t find an opening after 7 laps and Tomac forced his way past before setting out after Roczen himself. A handful of laps later, Tomac used the whoops to get alongside Roczen and push him wide in the following turn to take the lead, but that only lasted a few laps before Tomac made an unforced error and went over a berm, handing the lead back to Roczen.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Cooper Webb came from behind to pass Roczen in the last turn for second; his best finish so far of 2020. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Tomac got back going in second, just in front of Cianciarulo, then set back out after Roczen again and used the exact same move through the whoops to take the lead a second time. By this point, Webb had fought his way by Cianciarulo, who was suffering from arm-pump, and he started eating into the gap between he and Roczen. On the final lap, Webb forced his way by Roczen in the final turn to take second, while Roczen ended up with third place and a limp from the contact with Webb.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Ken Roczen finished third and spent a while checking out his right foot, which seemed to be hurt during the last-turn contact with Webb, before limping up onto the podium. He still leads the points. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Cianciarulo hung on for fourth, just in front of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson, Monster Energy Yamaha’s Justin Barcia, Anderson’s teammate Dean Wilson, Smartop/Motoconcepts Honda’s Justin Hill, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Blake Baggett.

Roczen now leads the points standings by 3 over Tomac as the series heads to Petco Park in San Diego this coming Saturday night for the last round before the series heads east.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Dylan Ferrandis won his second main event of the year and took over the points lead, then was booed again for his success. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 250SX class, JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing’s Alex Martin got the holeshot, but Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner fought his way by on the second lap, with Ferrandis in tow. Ferrandis hounded Forkner for about half the race before shoving his way by Forkner using basically the same move Tomac used twice in the 450SX main event that came later.

The crowd booed Ferrandis on the podium for winning.

Forkner hung on for second in front of round-one winner Justin Cooper and Martin.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Austin Forkner was second in the main event and sits 10 points behind new points leader Ferrandis as the series heads to San Diego. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Ferrandis now leads the points standings by 2 over Cooper with Forkner another 8 points back as the 250SX West series heads to its final round before it goes on hiatus for the 250SX East series to start up in Tampa, Florida, in two weeks.

2020 Oakland Supercross 450SX Main Event Results:

1. Eli Tomac Kaw
2. Cooper Webb KTM
3. Ken Roczen Hon
4. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw
5. Jason Anderson Hus
6. Justin Barcia Yam
7. Dean Wilson Hus
8. Justin Hill Hon
9. Blake Baggett KTM
10. Malcolm Stewart Hon
11. Zach Osborne Hus
12. Aaron Plessinger Yam
13. Justin Brayton Hon
14. Vince Friese Hon
15. Martin Davalos KTM
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw
17. Kyle Chisholm Yam
18. Alex Ray Kaw
19. Kyle Cunningham Suz
20. Cade Autenrieth Hon
21. Ryan Breece Suz
22. Joshua Cartwright Kaw


2020 Oakland Supercross 250SX West Main Event Results:

1. Dylan Ferrandis Yam
2. Austin Forkner Kaw
3. Justin Cooper Yam
4. Alex Martin Suz
5. Luke Clout Hon
6. Mitch Oldenburg Hon
7. Derek Drake KTM
8. Brandon Hartranft KTM
9. Aaron Tanti Yam
10. Martin Castelo Hus
11. Carson Brown Hus
12. Jacob Hayes Hus
13. Michael Leib Hus
14. Cameron McAdoo Kaw
15. Robbie Wageman Yam
16. Jay Wilson Yam
17. Mitchell Falk Hon
18. Taiki Koga Kaw
19. Logan Karnow Kaw
20. Lorenzo Camporese Kaw
21. Killian Auberson Hus
22. Michael Mosiman Hus


2020 Supercross 450SX Points Standings Through Round 5, Oakland:

1. Ken Roczen 113/2 wins
2. Eli Tomac 110/2 wins
3. Justin Barcia 98/1 win
4. Jason Anderson 96
5. Cooper Webb 95
6. Adam Cianciarulo 90
7. Malcolm Stewart 75
8. Justin Brayton 73
9. Blake Baggett 69
10. Zach Osborne 63
11. Justin Hill 61
12. Dean Wilson 59
13. Aaron Plessinger 57
14. Vince Friese 52
15. Martin Davalos 39
16. Tyler Bowers 27
17. Justin Bogle 24
18. Chris Blose 18
19. Chad Reed 15
20. Alex Ray 15


2020 Supercross 250SX West Points Standings Through Round 5, Oakland:

1. Dylan Ferrandis 109/2 wins
2. Justin Cooper 107/1 win
3. Austin Forkner 99/2 wins
4. Brandon Hartranft 92
5. Alex Martin 85
6. Jacob Hayes 73
7. Mitch Oldenburg 72
8. Luke Clout 66
9. Derek Drake 64
10. Michael Mosiman 63
11. Carson Brown 57
12. Jett Lawrence 46
13. Robbie Wageman 43
14. Martin Castelo 42
15. Aaron Tanti 41
16. Killian Auberson 41
17. Jay Wilson 33
18. Michael Leib 32
19. Christian Craig 29
20. Cameron McAdoo 26


2020 Oakland Supercross Results – Qualifying

You can now make it five weeks in a row… For five weeks now, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo has topped qualifying in the 450SX class, and Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis has topped 250SX qualifying.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Adam Cianciarulo topped 450SX qualifying for the fifth week in a row. PHOTO: Hoppenworld

In the 450SX class qualifying inside Ringcentral Coliseum, in Oakland, California, Cianciarulo not only qualified first for the fifth-consecutive week, but his teammate Eli Tomac qualified second for the fifth-consecutive week. This week, Tomac came up just 6/100ths of a second short of Cianciarulo, with AC’s 59.448 just beating Tomac’s 59.508. The only other racer in the 59-second range was Red Bull KTM’s defending series champ Cooper Webb, who threw down a 59.970. The 10 racers from 4th to 13th in qualifying were all in the 1-minute range, with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson followed by Honda’s Ken Roczen in fifth and sixth.

2020 Oakland Supercross Results
Dylan Ferrandis topped 250SX West qualifying for the fifth week in a row. PHOTO: HOPPENWORLD

In the 250SX class, Ferrandis topped qualifying for the fifth week in a row, this time in front of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner, who has won two races already this year. They’re followed by points leader Justin Cooper and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Michael Mosiman.

Racing is kicking off early tonight, at 5:30pm Pacific Time, so tune in.

450SX Qualifying Results:

1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 59.448
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 59.508
3. Cooper Webb KTM 59.970
4. Blake Baggett KTM 1:00.071
5. Jason Anderson Hus 1:00.110
6. Ken Roczen Hon 1:00.154
7. Justin Hill Hon 1:00.344
8. Zach Osborne Hus 1:00.440
9. Justin Barcia Yam 1:00.519
10. Dean Wilson Hus 1:00.559
11. Justin Brayton Hon 1:00.701
12. Malcolm Stewart Hon 1:00.868
13. Martin Davalos Hus 1:00.966
14. Vince Friese Hon 1:01.274
15. Aaron Plessinger Yam 1:01.750
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw 1:01.869
17. Alex Ray Kaw 1:02.021
18. Kyle Cunningham Suz 1:03.247
19. Curren Thurman KTM 1:03.605
20. Kyle Chisholm Suz 1:03.945


250SX Qualifying Results:

1. Dylan Ferrandis Yam 1:00.313
2. Austin Forkner Kaw 1:00.616
3. Justin Cooper Yam 1:00.929
4. Michael Mosiman Hus 1:01.076
5. Luke Clout Hon 1:01.088
6. Brandon Hartranft KTM 1:01.144
7. Derek Drake KTM 1:01.177
8. Alex Martin Suz 1:01.840
9. Cameron McAdoo Kaw 1:01.841
10. Jacob Hayes Hus 1:01.927
11. Mitchell Oldenburg Hon 1:02.019
12. Martin Castelo Hus 1:03.020
13. Jay Wilson Yam 1:03.046
14. Aaron Tanti Yam 1:03.068
15. Carson Brown Hus 1:03.072
16. Killian Auberson Hus 1:03.280
17. Mitchell Falk Hon 1:03.353
18. Logan Karnow Kaw 1:03.485
19. Xylian Ramella KTM 1:03.669
20. Michael Leib Hus 1:03.684

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Steve Cox