Dynamic Racing Concept Brake Pads from SBS

Press Release | November 9, 2019

The Dynamic Racing Concept brake pads from SBS allow you to run two different pad compounds at the same time.

SBS Dynamic Racing Concept

SBS Dynamic Racing Concept

A few years ago, SBS launched its sinter road-racing brake-pad compound called Dual Sinter (DS).
The performance brake-pad compound became popular with the track crowd. Later, Dual Sinter was updated and split into two compounds: DS-1 and DS-2. DS-1 has a strong initial bite with a linear friction curve, while DS-2 has a lower initial bite with a progressive friction curve.

The Dynamic Racing Concept (DRC) brake pads allow racers and trackday riders to use both compounds at the same time, by using DS-1 in one caliper and DS-2 in the other. This creates another form of adjustability on a racing motorcycle and a way to find the exact brake feel a rider is looking for.

SBS Dynamic Racing Concept

DS-1/Left Disc – DS-2/Right Disc

Riders quotes testing the combination DS-1/DS-2:

  • DS-1 added more initial bite compared to DS-2, to get the front more settled and easier to turn in the corner.
  • DS-1 reduced the strong servo effect of DS-2.
  • DS-2 reduced the brutal initial bite of DS-1 slightly, and bike felt easier to control under hard braking.
  • DS-2 increased slightly the brake power of DS-1 in the end of the braking, to be able to reduce the speed that little easier before tipping it into the corner.

MSRP: $139.95-225.95

SBS brake pads are distributed by Racing Brakes USA: www.racingbrakesusa.com 888.268.1119
MSRP: $139.95-225.95


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