RedBud Motocross Results 2019

Cycle News Staff | July 6, 2019

There were plenty of fireworks at the 2019 RedBud MX National—the easy favorite among racers and spectators alike—during its traditional Independence Day Weekend in southern Michigan, but it was Monster Energy Kawasaki’s defending 450cc National Champion, Eli Tomac, who returned to the top of the podium to extend his 2019 series points lead.

And in the 250cc class, it was a perfect day for Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis, who qualified first and then went 1-1 to take his first MX overall of the year.

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Tomac Wins 2019 RedBud National

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Eli Tomac went 1-2 on the day to win the RedBud National and extend his points lead with five rounds left to run. Photos: Rob Koy

Red Bull KTM’s fast qualifier (for the first time in 2019) Cooper Webb got the holeshot to start the first 450cc moto, but was quickly passed by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Justin Bogle, who put in some heaters in the first few laps before Tomac was able to work his way past Webb and set out after Bogle. Tomac was making outside lines work around the track, including an outside line in an off-camber, which he used to go by both Webb and then Bogle one lap later to take the lead. From there, Tomac was gone, leading by more than 15 seconds before he backed it down to take the moto win.

Tomac’s closest championship rival, Webb’s teammate Marvin Musquin, went down on the opening lap and found himself face-down underneath his KTM and had to wait for track workers to get the motorcycle off his back. He remounted dead-last before fighting his way all the way back up to seventh at the finish. It was a heroic effort, but cost him a lot of points to Tomac in the title chase.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson ended up second in the moto after passing Bogle and then Webb for second around the halfway point when Webb stalled his motorcycle. Webb was third over Bogle, who fought off advances from Honda’s Ken Roczen and his Rocky Mountain ATV/MC teammate Blake Baggett in the closing laps to grab the spot. Baggett was fifth and Roczen was sixth after throwing up inside his helmet caused him to fall back while pressuring Bogle for fourth. Musquin was, again, seventh over JGR/Yoshimura Suzuki’s Freddie Noren, Bogle’s teammate Benny Bloss, privateer Honda racer Henry Miller, Monster Energy Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger, and Anderson’s teammate Dean Wilson.

Anderson’s other teammate, Zach Osborne, who won moto two at Southwick a week ago, sat RedBud out after injuring his collarbone/shoulder/chest in a big crash this week while training in Florida. And Plessinger’s teammate Justin Barcia dropped out of moto one while running fifth early in the race when his motorcycle quit. Plessinger’s other teammate, Dean Ferris, parted ways with the team prior to RedBud. More on that in Cycle News online magazine this Monday evening.

Musquin Wins Moto Two at RedBud

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Marvin Musquin charged hard in the first moto for seventh after a big crash on the opening lap, then won moto two for third overall. He’s still second in the points standings.

Baggett got the start in moto two over Roczen, Musquin, Bogle, Anderson, Webb, Tomac and Tomac’s teammate Joey Savatgy, who dropped out of moto one with technical problems. Roczen was quickly into the lead and led the race until about halfway, when he came under attack from Musquin, who passed the German racer and sped away with the moto win. It wasn’t long before Roczen came under attack from Tomac, too, and the defending champ finally found his way by with one lap to go to take second in the moto. Roczen was third. Fourth went to Anderson over Webb, Bogle, Wilson (in his first race back from injury during supercross), Bloss, Baggett, Barcia, Plessinger and the rest of the field.

Tomac took the overall with a 1-2 score over Anderson’s 2-4 and Musquin’s 7-1. Then came Webb with a 3-5 and Roczen with a 6-3. But in the championship chase, Tomac pulled ahead another 7 points from Musquin to lead the Frenchman by 34 points with five rounds (10 motos) left to run.

Ferrandis Goes 1-1 at RedBud MX National

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Dylan Ferrandis went 1-1 at RedBud after qualifying first as well. He’s now second in the points standings.

In the 250cc class, it was all Dylan Ferrandis. Ferrandis led every lap of moto one after a rare strong start, and JGR/Yoshimura Suzuki’s Alex Martin was giving him fits in the early laps in a very strong ride for the fledgling Suzuki 250cc team. Martin’s motorcycle began smoking with a few laps to go, but he still held second until being passed by GEICO Honda’s RJ Hampshire with a lap to go, and then tragedy struck when Martin’s RM-Z250 finally quit on him, having lost all of its coolant due to a loose radiator hose, only three turns from the finish line while he was running third. This gave the position (on the track) to points leader Adam Cianciarulo of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad, but Cianciarulo was docked two positions after the race for two different off-track excursions where he failed to let off of the throttle as mandated by AMA rules, which meant that officially the race went to Ferrandis over Hampshire, Ferrandis’ teammates Justin Cooper and Ty Masterpool, and then Cianciarulo ended up fifth.

Cianciarulo Second at RedBud

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Adam Cianciarulo was docked two spots in the first moto but still managed second overall and extended his points lead with five rounds left to run.

In moto two, Martin was determined to get back out front again, and he did, grabbing the holeshot over Ferrandis’s teammate Colt Nichols, Ferrandis, TLD/Red Bull KTM’s Shane McElrath, Cianciarulo and the rest of the field. Cooper started outside the top 10.

Martin held strong out front for a handful of laps before Ferrandis worked his way by Nichols and then by Martin to take the lead and run away with his second moto win of the day. Cianciarulo worked hard to go from fifth and grab second from Martin with a handful of laps to go. Martin finished third over Hampshire’s teammate Hunter Lawrence, Nichols, Cooper, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Michael Mosiman, and Hampshire, who went down in the first turn.

Overall, Ferrandis took his first win of the year with a 1-1 over Cianciarulo’s 5-2, Cooper’s 3-6, and Hampshire’s 2-8. While Cianciarulo gave up 12 points to Ferrandis on the day, he still managed to increase his points lead from 23 to 25, but he now leads Ferrandis in the points standings, rather than Ferrandis’s teammate Cooper.

The series now takes a weekend off and then resumes on July 20th at Spring Creek Raceway in Millville, Minnesota.

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

RedBud Motocross Results 2019

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Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, Joey Savatgy, and Ken Roczen all had their shot at being the top 450MX qualifer in today’s RedBud National Motocross 2019, at RedBud MX in Buchanan, Michigan. But it was Webb who busted out the quickest lap of all when all was said and done. His best lap came in Q1 with a 2:05.121, which was just a tick quicker than his Red Bull KTM teammate Marvin Musquin (2:05.179), and Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen (2:05.849). Tomac (2:06.45) and Savatgy (2:07.343) round out the top five in the 450MX class. All of their times came in the first qualifying session on the smoother track.

Jason Anderson, Justin Bogle, Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia, and Henry Miller fill out the top 10.

Back in action today is Dean Wilson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) who has been out for quite a while with a shoulder injury. He qualified 15th.

Unfortunately, his teammate, Zach Osborne, who is fourth in the championship, came to the RedBud race with a sore shoulder from a crash he had earlier in the week. He won’t be lining up for today’s race.

Cooper Webb Tops RedBud 450MX Qualifying

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Cooper Webb is the top 450MX qualifier at RedBud. Photo: Rob Koy

In the 250MX class, Dylan Ferrandis (Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha) is the top qualifier. His best lap came in Q2 with a 2:08:322, which was nearly a full second quicker than the next-best rider, his teammate Justin Cooper with a 2:08.321. Championship leader Adam Cianciarulo (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki) is third quickest with a 2:09.305. This was Ferrandis’ first time as top 250MX qualifier.

Mitchell Oldenburg and Jordan Bailey round out the top five 250MX qualifiers.

It wouldn’t be RedBud without rain. Luckily, that happened yesterday and conditions for today’s race are quite good for RedBud–not too hot, not too humid. Still, conditioning will still be a key factor, but the riders are enjoying a bit of a break after Florida’s scorcher.

Ferrandis Quickest In 250MX Qualifying

RedBud Motocross Results 2019
Dylan Ferrandis topped 250MX qualifying. Photo: Rob Koy

Qualifying Results

2019 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Round 7

RedBud MX

Buchanan, Michigan

RESULTS: July 6, 2019

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