Born Free 11 / Tucker Films

Press Release | June 28, 2019

Here’s a look at the Tucker Field Marketing team at Born Free 11.

The Tucker Field Marketing team recently headed to the Born Free Motorcycle Show at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA.

This is a press release from Tucker…

The diversity and level of creativity of the bikes on display at Born Free is astounding, to say the least. Then there are the bikes ridden to the show by everyday riders and the A+ people watching. Fans and bike builders mingle to bench race and share stories with one another of late nights in the garage after putting in 10-hour days at their “real job.” Born Free is an excellent example of what makes motorcycle culture so appealing—cool bikes and fascinating people in an idyllic setting.

Here’s a look at Born Free 11.

VIDEO | Born Free 11 / Tucker Films


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