Motorex Adventure Chain Lube

Press Release | November 14, 2018

The new Motorex Adventure Chain Lube is coming to the U.S. market mid-January 2019.

Motorex Adventure Chain Lube

The Motorex Adventure Chain Lube was on display at Intermot and is already out in Europe, and is expected in the U.S. at the beginning of next year. This white chain lube with added PTFE has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern dual-sport motorcycles.

Motorex Adventure Chain Lube

Motorex explains that traditional off-road lube needs to be reapplied often on larger-displacement bikes, while street-bike formulas tend to be too sticky for dusty off-road conditions. The new Motorex Adventure Chain Lube hits the sweet spot, formulated to handle the horsepower and is less tacky.

The formula is designed to prevent the build-up of dust and grime, thus, protecting the chain and sprockets from excessive wear.

Motorex Adventure Chain LubeFeatures

  •  Reduces wear and creates a lubricating film designed to withstand high pressure
  •  O-ring and X-ring-tested and
  •  Water-resistant, dust-repellent and sling-off resistant

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