MOTO 10 The Movie

Press Release | September 13, 2018

MOTO 10 The Movie Tour Starts on September 25, 2018.

A ticket for one of the movie premieres comes with a chance to win a 2019 KTM 125 SX

MOTO 10 The Movie T

This is a press release from MOTO 10 The Movie…

The world’s most progressive and timeless dirt-bike film franchise returns for the final installment of the MOTO the Movie series with MOTO 10, once again captivating viewers by combining the world’s best athletes, dream-worthy locations, and cutting edge cinematography. We set out with one simple goal in mind: To give the viewer an uncontrollable urge to go out and ride.

MOTO 10 The Movie T MOTO 10 The Movie T MOTO 10 The Movie T MOTO 10 The Movie T

From summer motos at private practice facilities, tree-dodging woods riding, to freestyle trick innovation that pushes the boundaries of physics, viewers will be immersed in everything dirt bikes.

The Assignment Inc. released the for their upcoming film MOTO 10 The Movie:

VIDEO: MOTO 10 The Movie Trailer

Tour Dates:

MOTO 10 The Movie T

Staring: Brayton, Forkner, Hill, Decotis, Brown, Strong, Sheehan, Hill, D. Abbott, C. Abbott, Rookstool, DiFrancesco, Strong, Sheehan and many more…

Sponsored by:, FLY Racing, Geico, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, KTM and Rekluse


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