2020 AMA East Hare Scrambles New Jersey Results

| August 21, 2020

Thorn Devlin Wins Millville AMA East Hare Scrambles

Thorn Devlin AMA East Hare Scrambles New Jersey
Thorn Devlin came away with the overall win at the SRT/AMA East Hare Scrambles race in Millville, New Jersey.

The sixth round of the SRT/AMA East Hare Scrambles Championship in Millville, New Jersey, was a battle of the Betas, not to mention course-altering weather leading up to the race and vandals who removed ribbons and altered racecourse arrows. Despite all the hurdles along the way and an hour delay to re-mark the course, the race finally got underway.

Beta riders Thorn Devlin and Kyle McDonal are fighting it out for the 2020 championship, and they were back at it again in New Jersey. Devlin got the jump in the featured race of the weekend, while McDonal quickly took over second place after passing Justin Lafferty.

McDonal then set his sights on Devlin. Over the next eight laps, McDonal kept Devlin honest but could never quite get close enough to attempt a pass.

Devlin went on to win the race over McDonal. Devlin said before the green flag dropped that he attributes his latest success competing in the GNCC Series, as well.

Third ended up going to “Mad” Max Fernandez (KTM), while Sal Cussimano (Yamaha) and Mike Nerdlinger Jr. (KTM) rounded out the top five. ~Kenny Held


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