AHRMA Announces Competition Opportunities for Brammo Empulse and Zero SR Racers

Press Release | July 11, 2020

AHRMA announces an opportunity for Brammo Empulse and Zero SR racers to be competitive again.

This is a press release from AHRMA…

As technology in electric motorcycles is advancing quickly, bikes that dominated the Formula Lightning e-bike class just a few years ago now struggle to compete for podiums.

#250 Hanni Burger. Photo Courtesy of AHRMA/EtechPhoto

Formula Lightning Lite B has been formed by AHRMA’s road race directors to allow Brammo Empulses to compete with each other, not being scored against more powerful current model bikes. Similarly, Formula Lightning Lite Z will allow Zero SR machines to compete against other non-SR/F Zeros. These two exhibition classes will grid with AHRMA’s permanent Formula Lightning class, but scored separately.

As exhibition classes there will be no points or trophies, which is reflected in the discounted entry fee of only $65 per race. Registration can easily be made for these two opportunities by using the MotorsportReg (MSR) link on AHRMA.org

Questions regarding FL Lite B and Lite Z may be sent via the contact form on AHRMA.org found at ahrma.org/contact.

We will see you at an AHRMA National Road Race this season.


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