Risk Racing Ripper Automated Goggle Roll-Off System

Cycle News Staff | March 20, 2020

Risk Racing Ripper Automated Goggle Roll-Off System

Risk Racing’s Ripper is an automated goggle roll-off system that lets riders clear roost from their goggles while keeping their hands on the handlebars.


The lightweight setup (4.1 ounces) is controlled by a wireless handlebar-mounted button that pulls a cord to clear the goggles’ lens. The Ripper can be programmed to automatically activate in intervals and the pull cord can also be manually pulled. Here’s a video that demonstrates how the Ripper works:

VIDEO | Risk Racing Ripper: Automated Motocross Goggle Roll-Off System

Here is more information from Risk Racing’s press release…

Dirt bike riders are all too familiar with roost and how it feels to be roosted, a never-ending spray of dirt, rocks, and mud. A constant lead would be ideal, but no one is always in the lead, not even the G.O.A.T. All that can be said is, “Thank goodness for goggles and roll-off systems.”

Despite their effectiveness in clearing a rider’s vision, all roll-off systems force the rider to let go of the handlebars. This idea can be intimidating to new riders, and it is dangerous no matter how skilled a rider may be. A bike is hard to control at race pace with only one hand on the bars, and there isn’t always a suitable jump to give the rider time to clear their vision while in the air. Seeing an opportunity to fix this issue, Risk Racing set out to design a solution. Introducing the Ripper:

Risk Racing Ripper Automated Goggle Roll-Off System front view

The Ripper is an automated goggle roll-off system that is controlled by a wireless handlebar mounted button. Simply attach The Ripper to the strap of your favorite goggle with roll-off system, and then mount the wireless button to the bikes handlebars. When vision becomes blocked, the rider keeps their hands on the bars and uses their thumb to press the wireless button. The Ripper will rapidly pull the roll-off system cord to clear the rider’s vision in less than a second.


The Ripper features two modes: The Burst mode activates the Ripper for about one second, which is enough time to clear the vision on most goggles. The next mode is a Momentary / Continuous mode that allows the rider to press and hold the wireless button as long, or short, as they desire. In the Momentary mode, the Ripper will pull the roll film for the duration that the button is pressed and held giving the rider full control of their roll-off system film usage.

Each Ripper has its own frequency so riders riding next to each other are unlikely to activate each other’s system. Additional wireless handlebar buttons can be purchased and synced to each rider’s individual Ripper frequency, giving riders the option to mount buttons on multiple bikes.

Risk Racing Ripper Automated Goggle Roll-Off System on multiple goggles

The entire setup is lightweight, centrally mounted on the helmet, and low-profile. Weighing in at only 4.1 oz, the Ripper is nearly half the weight of a full GoPro setup.


The Ripper retails for $149.99.

For more information, visit www.riskracing.com or call 704.508.1031


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