American Racing Documentary Series

Rennie Scaysbrook | February 11, 2020

American Racing Documentary Series

Episode 8: A New Era

As MotoAmerica 2019 comes to a close, American Racing looks towards 2020 and focuses on Jake Gagne and Brandon Paasch.

Episode 7: Highs and Lows

As MotoAmerica heads to Sonoma, the eyes shift once again to Cam Petersen and the man of the hour, Garrett Gerloff.

Episode 6: International Eyes

With MotoAmerica supporting the WorldSBK field at Laguna Seca, the riders are going all out to impress the international talent scouts.

Episode 5: New Heights

MotoAmerica heads to Utah Motorsports Campus, with PJ Jacobsen and South African Junior Cup rider Samuel Lochof in front of Gray Pham’s American Racing lens. 

Episode 4: The Long Stretch

The series heads to Road America and the American Racing spotlight shines on Sean Dylan Kelly and Cam Petersen. 

Episode 3: First Impressions

MotoAmerica kicks off with round one at Road Atlanta. Jason Aguilar, Andrew Lee and Cameron Beaubier featured.

Episode 2: Coast to Coast

The 2019 Daytona 200 and the surprise result many didn’t see coming. 

Episode 1: New Beginnings

Braeden Ortt and Team Hammer under the spotlight.

American Racing Documentary Series

The 2019 MotoAmerica Championship will be featured in a new eight-episode documentary series from former MotoAmerica pro racer, Gray Pham of GP Industries, titled American Racing.

The series takes a behind-the-scenes look at just what makes MotoAmerica the spectacle it is, with each episode focusing on two to three riders and their individual stories, and each racing class featured at least once. The first episode airs on Tuesday, December 24, and every Monday after for seven weeks.

American Racing is not a blow-by-blow account of what happens on each of the 10 MotoAmerica rounds but aims to delve deeper into the paddock to reveal the stories behind the results, in much the same fashion as the enormously successful Formula 1 Drive To Survive series on Netflix, or the Red Bull-produced MX Nation and Moto Spy docu-series.

“Our goal with American Racing is to give an intimate look at the 2019 MotoAmerica season,” says 19-year-old Pham. “We use creative cinematography tailored to bringing in a younger viewership. We hope to expand the social media figures for all the brand partners contributing to the project and increase turnouts for MotoAmerica rounds.

American Racing Documentary Series Gray Pham
Pham has been a contributor to Cycle News and regularly compiles high-quality social media videos for many top MotoAmerica racers.

“I am a true believer that young adults and teenagers will be the generation that revives road racing. As a sophomore in college, I can attest that young adults around my age are a huge gap in the market in which there is a massive opportunity for growth.”

Pham is a familiar face to everyone in MotoAmerica, as the San Diego-native produces online/social media videos for many of the top riders in the paddock. He’s also a contributor to Cycle News, having shot, edited and produced our 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R vs Honda Africa Twin video this past September.

American Racing Documentary Series Daytona
Gray shoots into the night with the MP13 team in the pit lane at Daytona.

“What I like about GP Industries videos personally is that Gray was a racer himself and knows where to be to get the good shots,” says current and four-time MotoAmerica Champion, Cameron Beaubier. “His edit style can catch the eye of a younger crowd and still be professional at the same time.”

We will feature each episode of American Racing on this thread as it goes live, but you can also catch the episodes on the following platforms:

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