2020 San Diego Supercross Results

Steve Cox | February 8, 2020

After the 450SX main event last weekend in Oakland, California, Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb was feeling confident. He said he had figured out some things not just with his bike, but with how he was racing. He was riding defensive instead of racing forward. In Oakland, he flipped a switch and started racing forward, and the end result was his strongest finish of the year, in second place. Tonight in San Diego, round six of the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series, Webb stepped up one more spot, winning his first race of 2020.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
Cooper Webb (1) made the pass for the lead here and went on to take his first win of 2020. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Webb had a good day in San Diego from the start. Normally not a fantastic qualifier, Webb qualified fourth within fractions of a second of Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo, who (for the sixth week in a row) qualified on top. In his heat race, he locked handlebars off the line with Cianciarulo’s teammate Eli Tomac and started way back, then fell on the opening lap, but caught up to sixth.

In the main event, Webb started just behind Cianciarulo and briefly passed the Kawasaki rider on the opening lap, only for Cianciarulo to take it right back. The pair led Monster Energy Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger for the first six laps, only for Plessinger to go down and hand the third spot to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Blake Baggett. But with Plessinger going down, the gap back to Baggett in third was sizeable, and Webb had about 15 minutes left in the race to try and figure out where to make up time on Cianciarulo, and then where to make the pass.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
The first couple of times Webb tried to go by Adam Cianciarulo (9), it didn’t work. Cianciarulo finished a strong second, matching his best finish of his rookie year. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Around halfway through the race, Webb began to reel Cianciarulo in, having found a solid line jumping through the two consecutive sets of whoops, and then he made a couple pass attempts, with Cianciarulo thwarting his efforts. But with about three minutes left to go, Webb went by Cianciarulo as the pair headed across the start straight toward the finish-line jump, and that was that. Webb took the win by close to 3 seconds over Cianciarulo, with Baggett hanging on to third—his best finish of the year so far.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
Blake Baggett has run up front a few times this year, but falls have hampered his results. He held it together for a strong third in San Diego. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Cianciarulo’s teammate Eli Tomac came in fourth from way behind after a knock-down, drag-out battle with Monster Energy Yamaha’s Justin Barcia, who finished fifth, and current points leader Ken Roczen came in a frustrated sixth, also from way behind.

Roczen still leads the points standings by 1, over Tomac, as the series heads east to Tampa, Florida, this coming Saturday night. Webb’s successful night not only vaulted him up to third in the points standings, but cut the gap between he and Roczen in half, from 18 points last week to now just 9 points.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
Dylan Ferrandis took his third win in the last four races. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 250SX West main event, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Michael Mosiman grabbed the holeshot and led early in front of Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Austin Forkner and Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis. Forkner fought his way by Mosiman on lap five, and Mosiman got a bit too aggressive and tried to get Forkner right back, only to miss his pivot in a the turn before the finish-line jump, which made him unable to jump the obstacle and let Ferrandis by as well.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
Austin Forkner (52) tried to hold Ferrandis off, but just couldn’t keep the Frenchman at bay. Forkner was second. PHOTO: STEVE COX

Then the points leader, Ferrandis, went to work on Forkner, trying at least three times to force his way by only for Forkner to rebuff him. But then, with about three minutes to go on the clock, Ferrandis shoved his way by Forkner (who briefly went off the track) and took the lead, eventually winning the race by about 6 seconds over Forkner. Then came Ferrandis’s teammate Justin Cooper in third, and Mosiman in fourth.

Once again, Ferrandis was booed for his success, despite the fact that the replay indicated Ferrandis didn’t even touch Forkner on his way by. At least now Ferrandis seems to expect the boos and seems to use the hatred from the fans as fuel. Ferrandis has now won three of the last four rounds and leads the championship by 7 points with four rounds left to run.

The 250SX West will go on hiatus now for a few weeks while the 250SX East gets under way in Tampa, Florida, this coming Saturday night.

450SX Main Event:

1. Cooper Webb KTM
2. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw
3. Blake Baggett KTM
4. Eli Tomac Kaw
5. Justin Barcia Yam
6. Ken Roczen Hon
7. Justin Brayton Hon
8. Malcolm Stewart Hon
9. Justin Hill Hon
10. Aaron Plessinger Yam
11. Zach Osborne Hus
12. Martin Davalos KTM
13. Dean Wilson Hus
14. Jason Anderson Hus
15. Vince Friese Hon
16. Tyler Bowers Kaw
17. Benny Bloss Yam
18. Kyle Chisholm Yam
19. Alex Ray Kaw
20. Jason Clermont Kaw
21. Chad Reed Hon
22. Ryan Breece Suz


250SX West Main Event:

1. Dylan Ferrandis Yam
2. Austin Forkner Kaw
3. Justin Cooper Yam
4. Michael Mosiman Hus
5. Brandon Hartranft KTM
6. Luke Clout Hon
7. Jacob Hayes Hus
8. Carson Brown Hus
9. Derek Drake KTM
10. Alex Martin Suz
11. Jay Wilson Yam
12. Martin Castelo Hus
13. Killian Auberson Hus
14. Aaron Tanti Yam
15. Logan Karnow Kaw
16. Cheyenne Harmon Hon
17. Mitchell Falk Hon
18. Ludovic Macler Kaw
19. Bryson Gardner Hon
20. Chris Howell Hus
21. Lorenzo Camporese Kaw
22. Cameron Mcadoo Kaw


450SX Points Standings:

1. Ken Roczen 130/2 wins
2. Eli Tomac 129/2 wins
3. Cooper Webb 121/1 win
4. Justin Barcia 116/1 win
5. Adam Cianciarulo 113
6. Jason Anderson 105
7. Blake Baggett 90
8. Malcolm Stewart 90
9. Justin Brayton 89
10. Zach Osborne 75
11. Justin Hill 75
12. Aaron Plessinger 70
13. Dean Wilson 69
14. Vince Friese 60
15. Martin Davalos 50
16. Tyler Bowers 34
17. Justin Bogle 24
18. Alex Ray 19
19. Chris Blose 18
20. Chad Reed 17


250SX West Points Standings:

1. Dylan Ferrandis 135/3 wins
2. Justin Cooper 128/1 win
3. Austin Forkner 122/2 wins
4. Brandon Hartranft 110
5. Alex Martin 98
6. Jacob Hayes 89
7. Luke Clout 83
8. Michael Mosiman 82
9. Derek Drake 78
10. Mitch Oldenburg 72
11. Carson Brown 72
12. Martin Castelo 53
13. Killian Auberson 51
14. Aaron Tanti 50
15. Jett Lawrence 46
16. Jay Wilson 45
17. Robbie Wageman 43
18. Michael Leib 32
19. Christian Craig 29
20. Cameron Mcadoo 27


San Diego SX Qualifying

It’s difficult to track the history, and record, of the most consecutive races for the same racers to qualify first, but it would be quite a surprise if we aren’t seeing at least one record right now, six rounds into the 2020 Monster Energy/AMA Supercross Series. All six weeks so far in 2020, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo and his teammate Eli Tomac have gone 1-2 in timed qualifying, in that order, and Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis has done likewise in the 250SX class.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
For the sixth week in a row, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dylan Ferrandis topped 450SX daytime qualifying. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In the 450SX class, Cianciarulo put in a blistering time of 49.024, nearly a half-second in front of his teammate Tomac (unlike the last few weeks, during which Tomac has stayed very close to Cianciarulo on the time sheet). Tomac wasn’t even in the top five until the very last lap of timed practice, which is the lap that bumped him up to second. That lap, he had Cianciarulo on his tail, only for Cianciarulo to wash out his front end in the final turn of that final lap and crash. He seemed okay as he got up to go to the podium for qualifying on top yet again.

Until the last lap of qualifying, Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb was second on the board, but Tomac surpassed his time on the last lap, as did Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson, who came in with a 49.551, 5/1000ths of a second faster than Webb’s 49.556.

Then came Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Blake Baggett, Honda’s Ken Roczen, his teammate Justin Brayton, and Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/Motoconcepts Honda’s Justin Hill, all in the 49s; less than a second behind Cianciarulo, and less than a half-second behind Tomac.

Mountain Motorsports/cbdMD Honda’s Chad Reed is back from his rib injury that kept him out of the racing at Oakland last weekend and qualified for the night show in 26th with a 53.455.

2020 San Diego Supercross Results
Also for the sixth week in a row (and on the last lap of qualifying), Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis topped timed qualifying. PHOTO: STEVE COX

In 250SX West qualifying, Dylan Ferrandis actually topped Cianciarulo’s 450SX time, with the Monster Energy/Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha pilot recording a 48.991. He also did it on the last lap of qualifying. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Ausitn Forkner was the only 250SX racer in the 49s with a 49.228, and then over a second back came Ferrandis’s teammate Justin Cooper, with a 50.331.

No matter what, Ferrandis will not top the 250SX qualifying charts next week, though, as the series will head to Tampa, Florida, for round one of the 250SX East series. It’s possible Ferrandis may race a few 450SX rounds during the 250SX West hiatus, since he’ll be forced to move up to the 450SX class in 2021.

The racing starts tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

450SX Qualifying:

1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw 49.024
2. Eli Tomac Kaw 49.494
3. Jason Anderson Hus 49.551
4. Cooper Webb KTM 49.556
5. Blake Baggett KTM 49.577
6. Ken Roczen Hon 49.648
7. Justin Brayton Hon 49.724
8. Justin Hill Hon 49.953
9. Malcolm Stewart Hon 50.072
10. Martin Davalos KTM 50.188
11. Dean Wilson Hus 50.544
12. Zach Osborne Hus 50.613
13. Justin Barcia Yam 50.879
14. Aaron Plessinger Yam 51.063
15. Benny Bloss Yam 51.219
16. Vince Friese Hon 51.271
17. Tyler Bowers Kaw 51.374
18. Kyle Chisholm Yam 51.674
19. Ryan Breece Suz 51.165
20. Alex Ray Kaw 52.230


250SX West Qualifying:

1. Dylan Ferrandis Yam 48.991
2. Austin Forkner Kaw 49.228
3. Justin Cooper Yam 50.331
4. Brandon Hartranft KTM 50.738
5. Michael Mosiman Hus 50.799
6. Cameron Mcadoo Kaw 50.964
7. Luke Clout Hon 51.140
8. Derek Drake KTM 51.427
9. Jacob Hayes Hus 51.497
10. Alex Martin Suz 51.867
11. Jay Wilson Yam 52.530
12. Aaron Tanti Yam 52.810
13. Martin Castelo Hus 53.007
14. Mitchell Falk Hon 53.029
15. Robbie Wageman Yam 53.310
16. Carson Brown Hus 53.499
17. Chris Howell Hus 53.611
18. Killian Auberson Hus 53.630
19. Mathias Jorgensen Kaw 53.727
20. Ludovic Macler Kaw 54.216


2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Schedule

Round 1 January 4 Anaheim, California
Round 2 January 11 St. Louis, Missouri
Round 3 January 18 Anaheim, California
Round 4 January 25 Glendale, Arizona
Round 5 February 1 Oakland, California
Round 6 February 8 San Diego, California
Round 7 February 15 Tampa, Florida
Round 8 February 22 Arlington (Dallas), Texas
Round 9 February 29 Atlanta, Georgia
Round 10 March 7 Daytona, Florida
Round 11 March 14 Indianapolis, Indiana
Round 12 March 21 Detroit, Michigan
Round 13 March 28 Seattle, Washington
Round 14 April 4 Denver, Colorado
Round 15 April 18 Foxborough, Massachusetts
Round 16 April 25 Las Vegas, Nevada
Round 17 May 2 Salt Lake City, Utah

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Steve Cox