Throwback Thursday: Springer Sandblasted

Larry Lawrence | October 17, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Springer Sandblasted

Henny Ray Abrams photo

This week’s Throwback serves perhaps to answer the question of exactly who are the bravest motorcycle racers on the planet. If you ever get into that kind of discussion and a friend somehow argues that flat track riders aren’t the most courageous, simply pull out your phone and show them this photo. It’s from the 1979 Harrington (Delaware) AMA Grand National. Jay Springsteen and Steve Eklund are entering a turn. The rider in front of them is kicking up a massive roost from the deep cushion track. Springer is probably running near triple-digit speed heading into some treacherously deep loam nearly blind, yet he still takes a hand off the bars to pull a tear-off! It’s simply stunning to understand the combination of skill and nerve it takes to pull off this kind of move. Normal humans need not apply.

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