Pat Smage vs. Oliver Smith Video

Press Release | August 8, 2019

OSET Electric Bikes produced this video featuring 11 times world champion Pat Smage and OSET Electric Bikes’s own Oliver Smith showing just what is possible on electric motorcycles in the hands of pro riders.

Pat Smage vs. Oliver Smith Video

This is a press release from OSET Electric Bikes…

A new video featuring 11-time U.S. Trials Champion Pat Smage (still only 28 years old) and OSET’s own Oliver Smith (now 18) shows the two of them challenging each other to a game of “BIKE” on their OSET 24.0R electric trials bike. The video shows the potential of the bikes in the hands of the two best OSET riders in the world, going head to head on some serious challenges.

Oliver had been invited to the States by ex-U.S. Pro rider Dennis Sweeten. The two spent time together at the world famous Scottish Six Days Trial where Dennis has ridden many times, and Oliver was in for the first time on a 125cc bike. Oliver bagged the Best under 200cc award, partially thanks to Dennis’s help showing him the ropes through the week.

Dennis’ invitation to Oliver and his girlfriend Jazz was to come to the USA, borrow bikes and ride a U.S. National. Way too good to pass up, so Oliver and Jazz went on an amazing U.S. adventure!

After Oliver and Pat won their respective classes at the Oregon National the previous day (both by healthy margins), the two of them stayed behind on the Monday and shot the “Game of BIKE” video.

OSET 24.0s are good for any age from 10 years old up. Skills learned on OSETs will make any rider better, as proven by Pat and Oliver.

Game of BIKE – Pat Smage vs. Oliver Smith

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