2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series

Press Release | April 30, 2019

Round 4 of the 2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series Takes Over Payson Event Center on Easter Weekend.

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series

AZOP series brought big numbers of fans and racers alike to this very unique track for some long-weekend Grand Prix racing.

This is a  race report provided by AZOP/ Story and Photos by Miller Truby

Payson, AZ (April 20-21, 2019) – Easter weekend has always been important among the off-road community. In the hot deserts of the southwestern U.S., it typically signals the end of the riding season, as temperatures soar with the approach of summer, while in other parts of the country it signals the start of the warm riding season. This year, in the sleepy mountain town of Payson, Arizona, Easter Saturday meant it was time to go watch some racing, as the fourth round of the Arizona Offroad Promotions Rowley White RV Series presented by Four Seasons Motorsports and Cactus Jack’s Auto rolled into town and took over the Payson event center.

This year’s track featured a number of interesting elements including an extended motocross-style section, a couple runs through the cedar forests which define Payson’s mountain landscape, and a section inside the arena, which hosts the town’s annual rodeo. The track was designed to reward riders and drivers who could master multiple skillsets, with elements borrowed from desert racing, enduro riding, supercross, and flat-track. And while multiple water trucks worked to keep the dust down between races, the local fans crowded to the various viewing areas to take in some wheel-to-wheel action on the grand prix course.

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series

Saturday GP

The Pee Wee bikes were out first as the cool morning warmed up to become a perfect, clear day. For the third race weekend in a row, it was Kaycee Curley (238) pulling off the overall win and taking the top spot in the 50cc 7-8 Year-Old class. Unlike her last two races, Kaycee had some serious competition as Mason Milacki (329) led most of the race, only to run out of steam in the second half. Milacki took second overall and in class. Jace Letner (70) took third in class.

Aayden Tracy (308) put in another consistent ride in the 65cc C class and took third overall and first in the class. Michael Vogelzang (7) finished second in class, while Kaden Schmidt (298) finished third.

The 50cc 4-6 Year-Old class saw some very close racing with Brayden Almendarez (187) taking the win with Hayden Griffith (723) just a few seconds behind. Liam Gillespie (047) finished third in the class.

As the kiddos made their way off the track the huge class of Big Bikes were already lining up in the starting chute. With 91 entrants across 15 different classes it was clear that the course was going to be crowded and that lapped traffic could come into play for the faster riders.

For the second race in a row, Miguel Cordovez (909) put on an absolute clinic, lapping the entire field and finishing with an easy overall and pro class win. Ryder Pietro (050) took second overall and in the Pros, while Dominic Dugi (375) recovered from a terrible first lap to take third in the pro class.

Payson local Austin Alexander (95) put in a fast and consistent ride to take third overall and win the Open A class outright. Travis Azure (181) took second in the class, while Bret Gillespie (046) brought home third.

Open B went to Nick Reynolds (158), with Martin Craven (6) finishing second, and Tate Van Voorst (415) finishing third.

Open C was won by Juke Kelly (030). Second place went to Jake Moffat (343). Third went to Trevor McLaws (097).

125-250cc A was won by local rider Michael Boggess (044).

In the 125-250cc B class it was Collier Martinez (33) taking the top spot, while Thomas Maynard (999) took second place. Colton Edwards (29) was third.

Jaeqon Peterson (727) won the 125-250cc C class, followed by Taylor Wilson (724) in second, and Cole Haley (42) in third.

In Vet 30+ A, Dayton Raper (19) put in an excellent ride and won the class, taking the 5th overall spot. Jon Froust (553) was second in the class.

Vet 30+ B went to Jesse Romer (219). John Spires (015) was second, while Jacob Letner (83) was third.

Vet 30+ C was won by Mike Kamminga (198), with Travis Steinfadt (868) finishing in second and Josh Malia (307) taking the third podium spot.

Senior 40+ B went to Jeremiah Schnurpel (43); Andrew Smallhouse (254) was second. Micah Chlarson (133) was third.

Senior 40+ C went to Jason Baxter (98) with Gary Mortimer (120) finishing second.

Master 50+ A was won by Brandon Roberts (746) with second place going to Gary Peterson (59).

Master 50+ B went to Richard Heyer (311). Ron Bailey (41) finished second in the class, while Tim Smith (84) finished up third.

Richard Green (75) took the Super Senior 60+ class win.

The Mini Bikes were out next and also featured a very large field of 33 entrants. Samuel Campbell (052) put in a dominant ride and was rewarded with the overall win as well as the 80-150cc A class win. Keegan Hardy (381) took second overall and in the class. Jonathan Kirat (1429) took third overall and in class.

80-150cc B was won by Danny Baca (48), while Chase Boyd (4) took the second spot.

80-150cc C was the biggest class in the race and was won by Hunter Bowman (094). Gage Papa (45) took second place, while Donoven Christenson (042) took third.

The 65cc A class was won by Marley Kuhn (21).

65cc B went to Tristin Andrade (2). Bryce Petrie (44) took second place, while Cooper Skersick (247) took third.

The Women’s C class went to Grace Vinagro (191), followed in second place by Ellie Koester (93), and Nikki Earlewine (38) in third.

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series

Sunday GP

With most of the track having been freshly prepped overnight by the excellent grounds crew, Easter Sunday dawned as another cool and breezy morning perfect for some motorsports. The Pee Wee Bikes came out to finish off the weekend for the Pee Wee classes. Yet again it was Kaycee Curley (238) getting the overall win and taking the 50cc 7-8 Year-Old class. Mason Milacki (329) put in a great ride for the second day in a row and, despite an unfortunate run-in with one of the trees lining the course, finished second overall and in the class. Ryder Yates (153) took third in the class.

Curley holds a commanding lead on the season with 180 points. Lane Oden is second with 98, followed by Yates in third with 69.

In the 65cc C class it was Aayden Tracy (308) putting in yet another good ride and taking third overall and first in the class. Michael Vogelzang (7) was second, followed by Kaden Schmidt (298) in third.

Tracy has now doubled up his next-closest rival in the season points, sitting at 120. Cooper Skersick (who has since moved up to the 65cc B class) sits second with 60, followed by Chase James with 59.

The 50cc 4-6 Year-Old class was won by Brayden Almendarez (187) for the second day in a row. Hayden Griffith (723) was second in class. Courtney Curley (25) took the third podium spot.

Curley sits atop the standings after four rounds with 172 points. Almendarez is second with 145, and Griffith is third with 107.

With the clear day turning breezy and warm, the Big Bike entrants readied themselves at the starting area. With 43 competitors signed up to race, the track would be clearer than on Saturday, but still plenty crowded in the tight sections. Miguel Cordovez (909) was the only pro who stuck around for the second day of racing and he put in a calm, smooth, and fast ride to take the overall win once again.

Cordovez leads the Pro series points with 120, having swept the last two race weekends. Dominic Dugi is in second with 53, followed by Quanah Smith at 36.

The Open A class on Sunday was won by Travis Azure (181), who also took second overall. Austin Alexander (95) took second in the class and third overall despite two tough crashes in traffic. Taylor Garcia (041) finished third in the class.

Alexander holds a commanding lead in the series points with 177, followed by David Richards with 136, and Azure with 55.

Open B went to Tate Van Voorst (415), with Jarren Atwater (317) in second and Wyatt Moore (305) in third.

Atwater leads the series points with 133, followed by Van Voorst in second with 117. Moore is third with an even 100.

Kyle Allen (4829) won the Open C class, followed by Jake Moffat (343) in second, and Branden Allen (89) in third.

Jacob Moraga leads the series with 113 points. Moffat and Jacob Robinson are tied for second with 101 points each.

125-250cc B was won by Collier Martinez (33). Kaden Bedlion (429) was second in the class, while Thomas Maynard (999) took third place.

Martinez now has a 1-point lead in the series with 120. Colton Edwards is second with 119, while Bedlion sits third with 103.

125-250cc C went to Taylor Wilson (724), followed by Tyler Snodgrass (54) in second place, and Chase Hamilton (222) in third.

Jaeqon Peterson owns the points lead in that series with 144, followed by Cole Haley with 133, and Snodgrass in third with 111.

Jon Froust (553) won the Vet 30+ A class.

Froust has a firm hold on the points in that class with 85. Dayton Raper and Josh Serna are tied for second with 30 each.

Vet 30+ C went to Travis Steinfadt (868), followed by Robert Melton (348) in second and Josh Malia (307) in third.

Steinfadt leads the points with 55, Melton is second with 43, and Malia is third with 42.

Senior 40+ B saw Jeremiah Schnurpel (43) get the win over Micah Chlarson (133) and Jesse Berchick (053).

Chlarson has 67 points on the season to lead the series, while Schnurpel is second with 60. Tom Estelle and Cliff Anderson are tied for third with 30 apiece.

The Master 50+ A class went to Brandon Roberts (746). Gary Peterson (59) finished second.

Roberts owns the points lead with 60, followed by Peterson with 50.

Following up the big bikes were the Mini Bikes, who once again lined up a large field filled with budding talent. Keegan Hardy (381) avenged his second place finish from Saturday by getting the overall win on Sunday, as well as the 80-150cc A class win. Jonathan Kirat (1429) took second overall and in class, followed by Porter May (177) in third overall and in class.

Travis Boyd holds a slim points lead in the class with 148, followed by May with 146 and Kirat at 131.

80-150cc B went to Chase Boyd (4), who was followed across the line a few seconds later by Danny Baca (48). Jeremy Nash (043) took third place.

Boyd holds a controlling lead in the points with an even 200, followed by Baca at 145.

In 80-150cc C it was Clayton Hixon (130) getting the win, followed by Colson Skersick (413) in second, and Jaxon Steele (199) coming home third.

Hixon owns the top of the leader board with 167 points. Skersick and Steele are now tied for second with 147 each.

Marley Kuhn (21) took the win in 65cc A. Kuhn also holds the points lead in the class with 210.

The 65cc B win went to Bryce Petrie (44), who was followed by Tristin Andrade (2) in second place and Owen Wesley (928) in third.

Wesley holds the points lead with 161. Cooper Skersick is second with 156, and Andrade is third with 106.

In the Women’s C class it was Ellie Koester (93) getting the win on Sunday, followed by Grace Vinagro (191) in second. Nikki Earlewine (38) took third.

Koester holds a commanding points lead with 175. Vinagro is second with 118, and Emilee Carter is third with 111.

2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing. For more coverage, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events, visit www.azopracing.com.