Peoria Arizona WORCS Results 2019

| March 25, 2019

Taylor Robert won his fourth consecutive Pro Motorcycle race of the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series Presented by Polaris RZR and Dirt Bike at Canyon MX in Peoria, Arizona, March 23-24. Robert led every lap of the race from the gated start, beating out Dante Oliveira (KTM). Ricky Dietrich (Honda) finished third but was penalized for cutting the course during the race, putting Andrew Short (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) in the last spot on the podium. Dietrich was awarded fourth overall. Ryan Surratt took fifth.

Taylor Robert Wins Arizona WORCS At Canyon MX

Peoria Arizona WORCS Results 2019
Taylor Robert hasn’t lost a WORCS race yet this year. His latest win came in Peoria, Arizona. Photo: Harlen Foley

With temperatures in the low 80s and a nice breeze to keep the dust down, the weather was perfect for racing. The track featured a traditional motocross section, a large sand wash and desert trails surrounded by Saguaro cactus. There were also three additional Pro sections. One dropped through a canyon with rocks. The second one featured tight trails through the brush that featured deep silt ruts, including a 100 yard silt bed followed by 30-foot drop off that went into a wash with rocks and trees.

Robert was ready for the first gated starting line of the season, with previous rounds featuring dead engine starts. After snagging his first holeshot of the season on his KTM, Robert was in a league of his own. Building a sizeable gap for the first two laps, he dialed it down slightly and rode a consistent and smooth pace to ensure the victory.

“I really had a perfect race,” said Robert. “There were a lot of rocks out there so I had to stay on my toes and pay attention the whole time. This was our first gated start of the season and I was able to pull it off. I got my first holeshot of the year which was perfect on this track, because I wanted to get ahead of everyone in the dust. I just have to stay healthy for the rest of the year and keep the train rolling.”

After getting around Dietrich on the second lap, Oliveira held second the whole way, finishing one minute and 22 seconds behind Robert.

“The course was gnarly and super technical and that made it hard to be consistent this weekend,” said Oliveira. “I rode smooth the whole race and I was by myself the whole time. I want to catch Taylor soon.”

Andrew Short, on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna, was awarded fourth after Dietrich’s penalty. It was his second consecutive podium.

“I struggled, but I did my best,” said Short. “It has to be a disappointment for Ricky, but for me it was the best situation considering. I was definitely afraid of the cactus so that was a new obstacle. The track had a good mix. I improved as the race went on. Overall it’s been fun so far, but it has been a steep learning curve.”

In Pro 2, Austin Walton jumped out front early on his Three Brothers Husqvarna after grabbing the holeshot and left the rest of the field in his dust. Clayton Hengeveld ran a strong second, ahead of JT Baker. The victory allowed Walton to extend his points lead.

“The track was gnarly and I had to be on my game the whole time, because if I wasn’t something really bad would happen,” said Walton. “Everyone out here his fast, and it’s not easy to do, but I’m happy to get this win.”

In Pro 2 Lights, Mateo Oliveira won his second race of the season. Thomas Jones was second, ahead of Brandy Richards. Oliveira took the lead early and was never challenged on his Gas Gas.

2019 WORCS Championship

Canyon MX

Peoria, Arizona

RESULTS: March 23-24, 2019


  1. Taylor Robert (KTM)
  2. Dante Oliveira (KTM)
  3. Andrew Short (Hus)
  4. Ricky Dietrich (Hon)
  5. Ryan Surratt (Kaw)


  1. Austin Walton (Hus)
  2. Clayton Hengeveld (Kaw)
  3. JT Baker (GG)
  4. Jake Alvarez (GG)
  5. Austin Serpa (KTM)


  1. Mateo Oliveira (KTM)
  2. Thomas Jones (KTM)
  3. Brandy Richards (KTM)
  4. Christian Strang (Hon)
  5. Tyler Wettstein (Hon)

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