6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet

Press Release | February 9, 2019

The 6D ATR-2Y features a number of improvements

Helmet-safety pioneer’s latest offering provides improved performance for young riders through Advanced ODS technology.

6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet
6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet

This is a press release from 6D…

Perris, CA (January 22, 2019) – During a special event hosted by Perris Raceway, 6D Helmets unveiled its all-new ATR-2Y Youth off-road motorcycle helmet. The byproduct of 6D’s commitment to improved safety and brain protection, the ATR-2Y features an evolved version of the company’s signature Omni-Directional Suspension system (ODS), and is an exact miniaturized replica of the previously introduced adult ATR-2. Updates were heavily influenced by work 6D completed inside the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III Contest, in which 6D and laboratory testing partner Dynamic Research, Inc. were selected as the Grand Prize Winner.

6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet

6D revolutionized helmet design with the 2013 introduction of the ATR-1 off-road motorcycle helmet, whose ODS technology has become the industry gold standard providing improved brain protection over a much broader range of energy demands than traditional helmet designs.

“6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension technology has become renowned for its excellent energy mitigation capabilities and its advanced design. It has proven itself effective in reducing energy transfer time and time again with excellent results.” said Bob Weber, 6D’s CEO and cofounder. “While there is still no concussion proof helmet, and very likely never will be, the reduction of energy transfer to the brain is everyone’s goal; and nothing does that more comprehensively than our advanced Omni-Directional Suspension system.”

The ATR-2Y’s Advanced ODS is highlighted by a new Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) multi-impact outer liner and a new replaceable Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) inner liner. As before, the two liners are connected via a series of elastomeric isolation dampers, assisting in progressive loading of the ODS system during impacts. New to the advanced design, many of the isolation dampers have been replaced by “damping towers” that are incorporated into the outer liner and capped by low-friction disks that slide freely against the inner liner during impacts providing a freer more effective energy management system.

6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet

“Through material testing and analysis made possible by the NFL Head Health Challenge III Contest, we were able to unlock additional potential from our ODS system, and we’re proud to have incorporated these improvements into the new ATR-2 and ATR-2Y,” said Robert Reisinger, 6D’s Director of Engineering and cofounder. “With this new Advanced ODS system in place, the ATR-2Y offers improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation. We also worked hard to improve fit for the larger kids out there offering a broader range of fitment as they develop into young adults.”

In addition to Advanced ODS, the ATR-2Y features a number of other updates aimed at improving safety: A new Cervical Protection Zone works to protect the neck and spine while the ATR-2Y’s shell has been optimized to perform in concert with the Advanced ODS. A new Brow Rib strengthens the shell at the eyeport area and the new EPP chinbar provides improved impact protection to the jaw area.

In addition to its superior low-, mid-, and high-velocity impact mitigation, the ATR-2Y helmet also features a removable, washable comfort liner with a genuine Dri-Lex® antibacterial fabric, as well as 16 transfer ports and 6 exhaust ports that work in unison with the Air Gap Ventilation System to keep the rider cool.

Safety features carried over from the revolutionary ATR-1 include the clavicle cutaway, sternum pad, shear-away visor screws, and emergency removable cheek pads.

The ATR-2Y is available in four sizes ranging from Youth Small to Youth XL, and comes with a three-year limited warranty. MSRP is $449.

6D ATR-2Y Youth Helmet

Key Features:

  • Advanced ODS system improves energy transfer mitigation at low-, mid-, and high-velocity accelerations for both linear and angular accelerations
  • Replaceable EPS inner liner for low-cost rebuilding
  • Increased ODS displacement travel (+30%)
  • Multi-impact EPP outer liner
  • Progressive damping towers with low-friction disks
  • Optimized, lightweight Tri-Composite shell
  • Brow Rib for increased structural integrity above the eyeport
  • Cervical Protection Zone
  • Air Gap Ventilation System with 16 transfer ports and 6 exhaust ports
  • Removable, washable comfort liner featuring Dri-Lex® anti-bacterial fabric
  • Emergency quick-release cheekpads

For more information, visit www.6Dhelmets.com

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