2019 Lone Star National Hare & Hound Results

Kit Palmer | February 25, 2019

Jacob Argubright (Off-Road Support/TBT Racing Kawasaki) was the overall winner of the 2019 Lone Star National Hare & Hound in Kalgary, Texas, February 23-24. It was his second victory of the two-race old 2019 Kenda SRT AMA National H&H Championship.

Argubright Wins 2019 Lone Star National Hare & Hound

2019 Lone Star National Hare & Hound Results
Jacob Argubright en route to the overall win at the Lone Star National Hare & Hound in Texas. Photo: Mark Kariya

Argubright didn’t get off to one of his better starts, but he didn’t let that get to him. Instead, he put his head down, rode smart and came out on top, passing Kendall Norman in the second loop of three loops to take the win.

Norman surrendered the lead to Argubright when the Honda rider went down on the side of a hill. Norman ended up fourth overall.

Second place ended up going to Texas’ own Joe Wasson (Beta USA) who had an excellent third loop when things got tough.

Third place also went to a Texan, Cole Kirkpatrick (Gnarly Routes/XC Gear/Moose Racing KTM 250 SX), who led at one point. He took the lead away from early front-runner, Norman, only to give it back to him when speeds picked up. He would also eventually give way to Wasson.

“I checked up once I got into the riverbed because I had no business leading those guys in that fast stuff!” Kirkpatrick admitted. But when things got tight and technical in the late stages of the race, the former national enduro specialist shined and moved to the front, though he was unable to catch Argubright nor Wasson.

Norman ended up fourth overall, with another Beta USA rider, Chance Fullerton, filling out the top five overall.

Having won the first two rounds, Argubright has quickly jumped out to a comfortable points lead over Wasson, 60-46. Ricky Brabec, who was seventh on the day, is third in points with 39, and Norman is fourth with 31 points.

2019 Kenda AMA Hare & Hound National Championship

Round 2

Lone Star National

Kalgary, Texas

RESULTS: (February 24, 2019)

1. Jacob Argubright (Kaw)
2. Joseph Wasson (Beta)
3. Cole Kirkpatrick (KTM)
4. Kendall Norman (Hon)
5. Chance Fullerton (Beta)
6. Nick Burson (Yam)
7. Ricky Brabec (Hon)
8. Clayton Gerstner (Hus)
9. Ryan Grantom (KTM)
10. Zane Roberts (Beta)

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