2018 Big 6 Grand Prix Lake Havasu WCGP Results

Mark Kariya | December 10, 2018

Zach Bell (3 Bros./STI Husqvarna) closed out the 2018 AMA District 37 / FMF Big 6 Grand Prix Series with a come-from-behind win at the Crazy Horse Campground in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, December 9.

Bell Wins But Stewart’s Champ

Trevor Stewart and JCR Honda win the 2018 AMA District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix/WCGP Championship
Trevor Stewart and the JCR Honda crew celebrate the 2018 AMA District 37 Big6 Grand Prix/WCGP Championship. Photo: Mark Kariya

Bell charged into the first turn at the start of the West Coast Grand Prix race only to discover that his front brake didn’t work and he ended up on the ground. But that didn’t deter Bell; he got right back up and set out after the leaders. He made quick work of the riders in front of him and soon had control of third place, and then second place.

Bell than ran down Dante Oliveira (Maxxis/FMF/RPM Racing KTM) and passed the rider who had led most of the race. The Husqvarna rider went on to take the win over Oliveira and third place Blayne Thompson (Precision Concepts/Chaparral Motorsports Kawasaki).

Unfortunately for Bell, the Havasu win wasn’t enough for him to retain the number-one plate for 2019. Instead, new champ Trevor Stewart will now wear it.

Stewart came into the race needing to finish ninth or better to sew up the WCGP Championship, and he did that with room to spare. A conservative fifth-place finish guaranteed the JCR Honda Team rider the number-one plate. Stewart will wear it in next year’s championship, which will now be called the AMA National Grand Prix Series (NGPS) and have full AMA National Championship status.

In the Pro II class, Austin Serpa (KTM) came away with the victory, followed by Clay Hengeveld (Kawasaki) and Mitch Anderson (KTM).

Zach Bell wins Lake Havasu Big 6 Grand Prix.
Zach Bell won the Big 6 final at Lake Havasu.


  1. Zach Bell (Hus)
  2. Dante Oliveira
  3. Blayne Thompson (Kaw)
  4. Dalton Shirey (Hus)
  5. Trevor Stewart (Hon)
  6. Ben Kelley (KTM)
  7. Justin Seeds (Kaw)
  8. Trevor Bollinger (Hus)
  9. Clayton Gerstner
  10. Josh Toth (KTM)


  1. Austin Serpa (KTM,
  2. Clay Hengeveld (Kaw)
  3. Mitch Anderson (KTM)
  4. Preston Campbell (Hon)
  5. JP Alvarez (Hus)
  6. Beau Barron (Hon)
  7. Damon Bush (Yam)
  8. Shane Logan (Hus)
  9. Nick Stover (KTM)
  10. Trevor Hunter (KTM)

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