Lead Belt Peddle With The Pros

Press Release | September 9, 2017

NEPG/MO Mudders Peddle With The Pros

National Enduro

This is a press release from NEPG…

The NEPG invites you to join us and many of the pro riders of the AMA National Enduro Series to a bicycle ride at the Lead Belt National Enduro. There will be options of a 5-mile paved, 11-mile paved or combo 5-mile paved/5-mile trail ride.

The ride will start at 3 p.m. on Saturday September 16 in the staging area of the enduro, just south east of the Missouri Mines Museum. The ride will utilize the 11-mile paved bicycle path that twists through the forest of the St Joe State Park, intersecting the enduro course several times.

NEPG/MO Mudders Peddle With The Pros

The ride will end at the famous water fall in test 6 of the event, like last year a smaller water fall next to the large one will be used. Take a close look at it with pro riders Josh Strang, Andrew Delong, Russell Bobbitt, Stu Baylor, Grant Baylor, Nick Fahringer, Drew Higgins, Cory Buttrick and more, be sure to get some pointers of the best line to take.

There is a $5 charge for the ride that will get donated to the St Joe State Park, everyone is welcome, please bring your helmets.

NEPG/MO Mudders Peddle With The Pros
Round #7 Sidi boot raffle, WIN a FREE pair of Sidi boots for just $5. Do not have to be present to win.

For more information go to www.nationalenduro.com

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