Throwback Thursday: Smoke in the Chicane

Larry Lawrence | January 12, 2017
Mike Ciccotto had a tough day in the 2000 Daytona 750 Supersport race. He and Lee Acree came together resulting in Ciccotto losing the front end of his Hooters Suzuki and crashing.

Photo by Henny Ray Abrams

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back 17 years to the 2000 Daytona AMA/Lockhart Phillips USA 750cc Supersport race at Daytona International Speedway. Photographer Henny Ray Abrams caught the precise moment when it went all wrong for Hooters Suzuki rider Mike Ciccotto.

Ciccotto was battling in this front-running pack, when a little past the halfway point the group was speeding into the chicane. Ciccotto (No. 13) and Lee Acree (No. 87) made contact. With Ciccotto already on the very edge of traction, the impact with Acree was all it took for him the lose the front end of his Suzuki, with smoke billowing off the front tire.

Ciccotto came back and had a solid season, eventually finishing sixth in the final 750cc Supersport standings that season.

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