Ken Roczen Injury Update

Cycle News Staff | January 23, 2017

Ken Roczen Injury Update: Following his horrific crash at Anaheim II Supercross at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Saturday night, January 21, 2017, Ken Roczen released an update on his condition by way of his Instagram account.

Ken Roczen Injury Update

Ken Roczen Injury Update
Ken Roczen’s injuries are more severe than first thought. Roczen posted this photo on his Instagram account.

Along with a graphic photograph and x-ray of his injured left arm, Ken Roczen gave a rundown of the total damage: “Dislocated wrist, dislocated elbow and compounded radius.”

He¬†went on to comment, “The first 30h absolutely sucked as none of the pain killers worked and it was really swollen. Gonna need few surgeries to get this all dialed.”

Roczen did not mention anything about a head injury in his damage assessment, which hopefully means his head was spared any serious damage. He also thanked all his friends and supporters for their kind words, adding that he will need few more days “for¬†further info,” likely referring to the question of how long it will be before he is able to return to racing.

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