Pure MX Troubles

Press Release | February 1, 2011



The following is a release from Pure MX…

Robert Thackston a Dallas lawyer with a weekend home in Montalba has filed a lawsuit in Anderson county demanding Pure MX be shut down. In an effort to strengthen his argument, Thackston, originally the sole plaintiff has spent months attempting to recruit other landowners to join his suit. Frustrated by the lack of support and only after offering to pay all legal costs has he been able to enlist some other Montalba landowners to join his lawsuit. Many are landowners who live elsewhere.Doni Wanat purchased the nearly 5 year old business a year ago. “Our dream of making Pure MX a great and safe place for all of our patrons and motocross families to enjoy has turned into a nightmare and a struggle for us” “When we bought the business, we put our life savings into it. Now it seems Thackston is doing his best to spend us out of business with huge legal bills.”After more than two days of hearings in December the court refused to grant a temporary injunction which would have shut the track down pending a trial. In addition to other points in favor of the track the court confirmed that during its entire history the track never received any noise complaints.Apparently unhappy with the courts decision Thackston has adapted a strategy of borderline harassment, intimidation and legal tactics aimed at running the track owners out of resources making it impossible to carry on. In January Thackston sent a letter to a long list of motocross patrons suggesting they ride somewhere other than Pure MX. The letter said in part “We believe that everyone who contributes to the noise of Pure MX is acting together with the track to deprive surrounding landowners….” Dozens of concerned motocross folks called feeling harassed and threatened by Thackston. During a scheduled practice in January Thackston employed people to photograph license plates, vehicles and patrons who came to ride at Pure MX further harassing and intimidating customers. Less than truthful information about Pure MX continues to be spread about the Montalba community along with the offer of free legal services to anyone who will join Thackston in his effort to shutdown Pure’s business.Dozens of Montalba citizens and community leaders, many track owners across the state and hundreds of concerned families and riders alike are standing up saying “enough is enough”.  Robert Thackston’s self interests don’t reflect our values and what the majority of us believe to be lawful, fair and just.  Pure MX needs all of us to pitch in and help. Your donations to a legal expense fund will allow Pure to have their fair day in court and we believe win the lawsuit. Besides helping Pure a positive outcome will establish case law that will help our entire motocross community. This is our fight. Please be as generous as you can and thanks in advance for your support.   





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