SW-Motech Elite Motorcycle Top Case System

Press Release | April 1, 2021

SW-Motech USA has just announced the first product in a new line of highly aerodynamic motorcycle luggage, dubbed Elite. The latest iteration of German engineering represents an evolution of luggage design predicted to transform what riders can expect from their luggage systems.

The first product in the line to be released is the Elite Top Case. Available now, it features highly expandable capacity from 25 liters up to an unprecedented 420 liters thanks to the use of patented daisy-chained Rok Strap technology.

Honeycomb ABS construction adds significant strength and long-term durability while limiting weight to meet the demanding regulations of racing applications, such as the KLR Grand Prix© and the DR650 Grand Nationals drag racing series.

The Elite Top Case can also be upgraded to be quick-detachable utilizing the SW-Motech SysBag adapter plate married to the top case. When mounted on an SW-Motech rear rack and the appropriate SysBag adapter kit, it creates a quick and convenient top case solution for everyday errands away from the racetrack. A water-resistant accessory case liner can be used to protect temperature sensitive groceries and beverages for the ride home.

Key Features of the new Elite Top Case System:

• Strong and lightweight honeycomb construction.
• Expandable to 420 liters.
• Aerodynamic.
• Stable rigid sidewalls.
• Pet-friendly.
• Familiar and convenient SW-MOTECH quick detachability upgrades.
• Available temperature-regulating liner with carrying handles.

The unique design also allows canine co-pilots a secure perch without impairing breathing or ventilation vital to a pet’s well-being. SW-Motech has plans to release a high-traction, claw-resistant accessory insert that will fit into the bottom of the Elite Top Case. Matching “doggles” are sold separately.

The Elite Top Case takes a revolutionary approach to luggage security by providing the rider with real-time inventory information and notification of missing items. No more fumbling with locks or annoying lids to see if your belongings are all still there.

Please note the TRAX accessory liner bag is not recommended for riders requiring the aerodynamic or security features offered by the ELITE luggage design. Do not place pets inside the TRAX accessory liner bag.

The Elite Top Case starts at $299.95. This includes the top case, model-specific instruction manual and all mounting hardware. Quick-disconnect features may require a rear rack and/or adapters depending on the application and are sold separately.

ELITE Top Case and Accessory Part Numbers and Pricing Information:

CRT.08.401.21 ELITE Top Case with mounting plate Kawasaki KLR 650 (08-). $299.95
CRT.05.401.21 ELITE Top Case with mounting plate Suzuki DR 650. $299.95
CRT.06.401.21 ELITE Top Case with mounting plate Yamaha TW 200. $299.95
CRT.07.401.21 ELITE Top Case with mounting plate BMW GS Models $499.95
BC.ALK.00.732.10300/B TRAX top case inner bag Not brand/model specific $68.95
ALK.00.732.10200/B TRAX top case passenger backrest $70.95
BC.ALK.00.732.10600/B TRAX top case lid net $17.95
BC.ROK.00.711.10000/B 2 adjustable ROK straps. Black. 310-1060 mm. $22.95
BC.ROK.00.711.10100/B 2 adjustable ROK straps. Black. 500-1500 mm. $28.95
WER.GIV.015.10000 Replacement logo sticker red. 85mm. Weatherproof $1.95

For more information, visit SW-Motech website.

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