RD Coffee Introduces Holeshot Espresso Blend

Press Release | January 19, 2021

Multi-time motocross champion Ryan Dungey’s RD Coffee company has a new roast, the Holeshot espresso blend.

RD Coffee Holeshot espresso

The following is a press release from RD Coffee…

Chanhassen, MN (January 14, 2021) – Multi-time AMA Pro Motocross and AMA Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey and his budding specialty coffee company, RD Coffee, has introduced the newest addition to its growing lineup of roasts: Holeshot Espresso. As its name suggests, this unique small-batch blend of meticulously sourced Colombian and Guatemalan beans provides the kind of added intensity and complex flavors that will be sure to help anyone get an early jump on their day.

In addition to being the fifth roast from RD Coffee, the same number Ryan wore on his way to becoming one of the sport’s all-time greats, Holeshot is also the first espresso blend in the company’s flagship lineup of roasts. It features the highest grade of coffee beans available, sustainably sourced directly from farms in both Colombia and Guatemala, and is roasted to find the perfect balance to draw out the complex citrus and milk chocolate flavors. The end result is a rich brew anchored by a clean and smooth taste that’s more than enough to get someone off to a fast start and carry on to a strong finish.

Ryan Dungey

“Sometimes you need that little extra to get going, and in the sport of motocross that added boost of energy and focus often results in a holeshot, putting you ahead of the pack,” explained Dungey. “To me, that was the perfect way to symbolize an espresso roast, which carries a little bit more punch. It’s been an amazing journey so far with this new endeavor and I’m so excited to welcome our fifth roast, a number that personally means a lot to me. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time and I’m fully committed to making RD Coffee relatable to everyone on their own journey.”

Over the course of a decorated racing career in which he captured an incredible eight national championships, two ESPY Awards, and became the first motocross athlete to be featured on a Wheaties box, Ryan fell in love with coffee during his travels across the U.S. and around the world. Soon enough, the same passion he shared for motocross also fueled his desire to learn more about this ancient miracle beverage. When he hung up his helmet and boots for good in 2017, Ryan dedicated his time to learning the intricacies of the coffee industry, from ethically sourcing the beans to the nuances of roasting and brewing. In March 2020, RD Coffee was born.

On the racetrack, Ryan’s success was a byproduct of an unwavering commitment to perfection and a determination that was often unmatched on the starting gate. Additionally, his selfless humility and endearing personality made him one of the sport’s most beloved and relatable figures. His integrity as a world-class athlete made Ryan a source of inspiration and encouragement for fans all over the world.

Each of those values combine to serve as the cornerstone of RD Coffee, which strives to provide the absolute best ingredients for anyone in search of a little more out of their cup of java. Like so many others, coffee has become an integral part of Ryan’s everyday life, giving him the daily boost to chase his passions. That’s why the company’s mantra is as relatable as Ryan himself – “Fuel Your Pursuit.” No matter the motivation, RD Coffee is here to serve great-tasting coffee and inspire others on their journey.

RD Coffee Roast Varieties


Originating from Guatemala, this medium roast is a great introduction to mild fruity notes and offers a very smooth taste. The name “Alway5” was an inspiration from Ryan’s racing career, always giving it 100% and being fully committed to excellence. We apply this same dedication to our roasts and “Alway5” strive to put the best tasting coffee in our customer’s hands.


Originating from Serra Negra Brazil, this roast offers a bold, yet balanced and smooth taste. We lightly roast each batch bringing out the notes of cocoa and almond. One cup of this roast will REV up your day no matter what time it is!


This single-origin Peru was an instant favorite right from the beginning. Its consistent, smooth and clean taste made it winner when it came to launching RD Coffee. We hope to Accelerate your day in the right direction with this medium roast! Notes of almond, lemon and toffee.


RD Coffee Holeshot Espresso Holeshot espresso blend, a mixture of Colombian and Guatemalan coffees, will be sure to help get you an early jump on the day. This versatile blend has notes of complex citrus and milk chocolate flavors, which bring it across the finish line with a clean and smooth taste.

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