Red Bull Imagination Miniseries Launches October 14

Press Release | October 12, 2020

Red Bull Imagination miniseries about freeride motocross launches on Red Bull TV and the Red Bull Motorsports YouTube on October 14.

The following is a press release from Red Bull…

Kansas (September 24, 2020) – The rolling hills and open prairie of the American Midwest are set to serve as the blank canvas for a watershed freeride motocross course pulled directly from the mind of Tyler Bereman and made reality by Jason Baker of Dream Traxx. Structured as a four-day freeride event, Red Bull Imagination seeks to progress the sport while keeping intact its guiding principle: the creative freedom to showcase a rider’s unique style. The event will follow a three-day session riding and one-day competition format and will feature some of the top professional motocross riders in the world.

The first look at the course concept is available today via a video narrated by Bereman himself:

Red Bull Imagination Video Preview

Nestled in the Great Plains of Kansas/Missouri, the “secret” event location will draw heavily from the structure of slopestyle sports including snowboarding and mountain biking, introducing a new type of freeride competition. Almost completely constructed of dirt and carved into two sides of a rolling hill, the course will allow riders the freedom to transfer in and out of the main lines and will incorporate more than just the requisite big “freeride jumps.”

Planned features include the following:

  • Quarterpipe – a personal favorite for Tyler and the only non-dirt part the course
  • Big Dawg Jumps – high speed jumps 150’ long
  • 40’ Container – can be used as a funbox or wallride
  • Shark Fin transfers – in and out of berm options for stylistic freedom
  • Wildcard Rhythm Section – allows for a showcase of personal style

“Red Bull Imagination is my chance to combine my love of freeriding with the aspects of other sports that inspire my riding style,” said Bereman. “Freeride motocross doesn’t have much of a standalone platform yet, but it’s rooted in creativity, so the possibilities are endless. This is my way of helping grow the sport – it’s going to be really cool and visually unique, while still paying homage to where the sport has come from.”

Bereman is a leading freeride motocross rider, a former supercross racer and eight-time X Games medalist. Beyond the heart-stopping feats and impressive lines he’s known for, Bereman has a passion for curating creative opportunities for events. He will be joined by some of freeride’s most exciting riders, who will spend several days session riding and finding new and creative ways to craft the perfect line. As they ride, the athletes and Baker will adapt the course and craft new features to better express the personal riding style of each. Red Bull Imagination will culminate with a rider-centric competition, judged by a panel composed of freeride legends.

Additional information, including the full list of participating riders and judges, will be announced shortly. All the action can be followed via an exclusive behind-the-scenes series, launching October 14 on the Red Bull Motorsports YouTube and Red Bull TV.

Update October 12, 2020

Riders Announced for Upcoming FreeRide Motocross Competition Red Bull Imagination

Colby Raha, Cole Seely, Tom Parsons and more to join Tyler Bereman and show off their skills in first-ever event

Red Bull Imagination, the four-day freeride motocross event dreamt up by Tyler Bereman and carved into the hills of the Midwest by Dream Traxx’s Jason Baker, is set to go down next week. The inaugural competition will bring six of the world’s top freeriders to join Bereman on a visionary course in an ultimate “expression session.” The riders will spend four days fine-tuning and showcasing their individual riding styles to progress their own skillsets as well as the sport itself.

VIDEO | First Look at Red Bull Imagination Course

Red Bull Imagination’s custom-built course will be a life-sized playground for freeriders that draws inspiration from slopestyle sports like snowboarding and mountain biking. Built into a rolling hill in Kansas, it will include shark fin transfers, a quarterpipe, various rhythm sections, a 40’ container and more to encourage riders to get as creative as possible. Attending riders include some of freeride’s very best – from throttle technicians to those that excel at massive desert jumps. The list of confirmed riders is as follows:

  • 8x X Games medalist Tyler Bereman
  • 8x X Games medalist Colby Raha
  • Former AMA Supercross/motocross racer Cole Seely
  • 3x X Games medalist Tom Parsons
  • 4x X Games medalist and World Record Holder Vicki Golden
  • AMA Supercross/Motocross, flat track and hard enduro rider Ryan Sipes
  • 2x X Games gold medalist Josh Hansen

The three-day session riding will be followed by a single day competition where each rider will have three five-minute windows to showcase their talent in crafting the perfect line. A panel of legendary judges including Ronnie Renner, Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg and Steve Haughelstine will score the riders on more than just the number of tricks on their run – the specific judging criteria will be decided on-site at the event when the judges convene. And while the official competition categories have yet to be determined, there are guaranteed to be no style restrictions or limitations in place.

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