Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector Review

Cycle News Staff | July 24, 2020

Chest protectors have changed dramatically in recent years. If you look back into the ’80s, ’90s and even 2000s, it was common for riders, even professional racers, to wear chest protectors over the top of their jerseys. And most of those “chest protectors” then and now are plastic “roost deflectors” that don’t provide much impact protection. Now, a lot more riders wear thinner, but more protective chest protectors under their jerseys. This is true even for many professional riders. In FIM motocross, riders are required to wear CE Level 1 back protectors, and this has pushed many of the gear companies to develop lightweight, comfortable options that provide good impact protection.

Alpinestars has several options and we have a couple of CN staff that have made the AStars Sequence Chest Protector a must-use item for every moto or off-road ride (and even use it on adventure and street bikes).

Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector provides excellent protection while offering good comfort.
Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector provides excellent protection while offering good comfort.

Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector | Lowdown

List Price: $139.94

Sizes: Available in three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL

Standout Feature: Extremely comfortable fit that provides CE Level 1 impact protection.

wheelie-up Flexible design makes this one of the most comfortable chest protectors available
wheelie-up CE Level 1 protection
wheelie-up Back extends down for good coverage
wheelie-up Neck-brace compatible (especially with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Brace)
endo-down A little less airflow than some plastic options but it can be worn without an under layer thanks to comfortable materials
endo-down No impact material in the shoulders
The Alpinestars Sequences chest protector offers extended back protection.
The Alpinestars Sequences chest protector also offers extended back protection.

Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector Rider Analysis

If you are looking for a comfortable CE-rated chest protector, the Alpinestars Sequence is a great option. The soft bio-foam padding makes it comfortable with or without an underlayer. The flexible design means that it will not dig into you, but it still provides great impact protection on the back and front torso. The back protector extends down a little further than most alternative brands/models but remains comfortable due to the flexible design. The front wraps around the sides to provide a little extra coverage for your ribs and the straps use a double-sided Velcro closure that stays latched.

If you wear a neck brace, the Sequence protector has a removable upper-back puck and straps with silicone pull tabs to hold the brace in place. It is designed to fit with the Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support brace but does work well with the Leatt brace as well.

Although the Sequence includes perforated materials and strategically placed ventilation holes, it does not provide as much airflow as some more open plastic protectors. And if you want full shoulder impact coverage, you will need to look at alternative models. But overall, it will be difficult to find a more comfortable option for most riding conditions that provides CE-rated back and chest protection.CN

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