Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review

Cycle News Staff | June 2, 2020

Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review

The Schuberth C4 Pro Women helmet is designed exclusively for female motorcyclists.

Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review
The Schuberth C4 Pro Women helmet is designed to fit the often times more slender shape of the female face and has additional check padding.

By Brittany Dowdle

It features a more slender inner lining optimized to fit the shape of the female face while still offering all of the high-tech features of the C4 Pro including revamped acoustics that make it the quietest flip-up helmet that Schuberth has ever built. The Jazzlight liner is made from Coolmax and is Öko-Tex 100-certified antibacterial, washable, and quick-drying. The C4 Pro Women helmet also comes standard with built-in loudspeakers, a microphone, and an antenna ready to accept the optional Sena communications system. Ventilation is provided via a complex, multichannel system with intakes in the forehead and chin area. With an integrated sun visor and wide-field quick-change main visor that includes an anti-fog Pinlock standard, the C4 Pro Women’s is available in sizes 2XS through large and comes in two colors—matte black and gloss white. The German-built Schuberth C4 Pro Women helmet is DOT certified.

Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review | The Lowdown

Stand-Out Feature: Designed for women (slender face shapes)

MSRP: $729

wheelie-up Extremely comfortable
wheelie-up Excellent aerodynamics
wheelie-up Thoughtful design features
endo-down Premium price
endo-down Few color/graphic options
Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review
The German-made helmet is DOT certified.

Schuberth C4 Pro Women Helmet Review | Rider Analysis:

I’ve been wearing a variety of Shoei unisex (aka, men’s) helmets for the last 16 years, so I was excited to try the Schuberth helmet that is specifically designed with women in mind. I’ve always been happy with my helmets and had no idea what to expect with a different brand; plus, the Schuberth is a modular flip-face helmet, which I’ve never worn before.

When I first took it out of the box, I was impressed by the cool matte-black finish and the velvety interior fabric. The front visor flipped up with a simple press of the chin-mounted button, and the helmet slid on easily. I was surprised by how light it felt on my head—and how secure, without making me feel squished. I’m not sure if this is a feature of the Schuberth C4 generally, or the fact that this model was designed with a woman’s facial structure in mind, but it’s especially comfortable. The only discomfort I felt was after a two-hour ride, when I started to feel pressure on my upper forehead.

My glasses fit snugly in the specially designed eyeglass grooves—I know from experience that it’s no fun when a helmet fights against the proper alignment of your glasses, warping your view of the scenery. The easy ratcheting chin strap is also a winner for me because I don’t have to fiddle with threading the strap and snapping it while someone waits impatiently. Just pop and go.

The days we tested the Schubert C4 Pro Women helmet were cool and a bit windy at times. Besides the fact that this helmet just feels comfortable, it also helped me solve one of my usual cold-weather riding problems: keeping my throat warm enough. It was much easier for me to keep my neck warmer in place and adjust it under the flip-top helmet. And since I ride pillion, buffeting can sometimes be an issue, but the Schuberth feels stable and secure, and the wind noise was comparable to what I’m used to in my Shoei—and maybe a bit less.

In addition to how well this helmet fit, the other thing that impressed me was the sun visor, which slides into place with a simple side button. I loved how the sun visor provides just enough tint to shield my eyes, without obscuring details like some tinted lenses can—the Schuberth visor provides an exceptionally crisp and clear field of vision whether it’s sunny or overcast.

In short, the Schubert C4 Pro Women helmet has made me a fan. From its sleek looks, to the way it balances comfort and security, to the practical details that make it easy to use, I may have found my next favorite helmet.CN

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