EBR 1190 Racebikes Up for Sale in Sweden

Rennie Scaysbrook | January 15, 2020

If you’ve ever wanted to own a real EBR factory-prepped racebike, you’re in luck. NCCR in Sweden is in possession of eight EBR 1190 racebikes, raced by the likes of Larry Pegram and Niccolo Canepa in WorldSBK, to Mark Miller’s TT bike and Cory West’s and Shelina Moreda’s Pan Delta machines raced in the Chinese Superbike Championship.

EBR 1190 Racebikes for Sale Pegram
Pegram at work in 2014. If you want (and have the cash) you can now buy this bike.

NCCR ran the Erik Buell Racing (EBR) team between 2009-2011 under the Pegasus Race Team banner, with Splitlath Motorsports running Miller’s and Moreda’s EBR machines, and taking over the reins of the EBR racing division from 2015 onwards.

The machines Larry Pegram, Aaron Yates, and Geoff May raced in the WorldSBK Championship were wrapped in Hero Motorcycles colors, as at the time the Indian company had teamed up with Erik Buell. It was a partnership that would ultimately come to naught and bring about the closure (one of a few) of EBR.

EBR 1190 Racebikes for Sale Miller
Mark Miller on the EBR at the Isle of Man TT in 2016.

“All bikes are full factory race specification with all original parts fitted at the factory in East Troy by Chief mechanic Tony Pogue under the personal direction of Erik Buell himself, the engines were all built by Shane Myers to Erik’s specifications,” said Splitlath Motorsports’ John Dimblow. “All maintenance over the entire life of the bikes has been carried out by Tony Pogue alone, no one else has been allowed to touch the bikes.”

The website for the bikes may be in Swedish, but the descriptions are in English. The bikes these days would make an amazing club racer, especially in the AHRMA Twins series. Prices start $39,000, with the WorldSBK-spec machines going for about $50K.

EBR 1190 Racebikes for Sale May
Geoff May had a few rides in WorldSBK on the EBR.

Shelina Moreda wrote an excellent piece for Cycle News on her time racing in the Chinese series on the EBR back in 2017. It’s a few years old now but still a great read. You can check it out by clicking here.

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