2019 KLIM Cow Tag XL Dual-Sport ADV Ride

Press Release | July 15, 2019

Register for the 2019 KLIM Cow Tag and Have a Chance to Win a Honda CRF450L

This is a press release from KLIM…

The KLIM Cow Tag XL is for dual-sport and adventure riders from all over the United States for the purpose of bringing greater focus to trail preservation with a great time riding in the Idaho backcountry. This year’s event is scheduled for September 12-14.

2019 KLIM Cow Tag XL Dual-Sport ADV Ride

Here’s the information provided by KLIM…

KLIM Cow Tag XL Ride Details

We take pride in building the best dual-sport and adventure riding gear on the planet. To celebrate the 2019 riding season, we’re inviting dual-sport and adventure riders to the beautiful Idaho backcountry for a unique event covering 10,000mi² of terrain for any style of riding.

This virtual scavenger hunt will have riders spending two full days riding in our test lab – the rugged Idaho mountains – in search of Virtual Cow Tags. Individual riders will be challenged to find the highest number of Virtual Cow Tags, which will be used as entries into the grand prize drawing for a fully-paid 2019 Honda CRF450L.

2019 KLIM Cow Tag XL Dual-Sport ADV Ride

Demo rides for all kinds of new dual-sport and adventure bikes will be available from attending dealers. A live auction will also serve to get you products from supporting brands, such as Baja Designs, KLIM, Dometic, Rotopax, Touratech and more! All proceeds from the auction will support trail advocacy and preservation programs.

For more information, visit www.klim.com or register HERE


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