Throwback Thursday: Jeff Stanton’s Binghamton Holeshot

Larry Lawrence | April 25, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Jeff Stanton’s Binghamton Holeshot

Cycle News Photo Collection/Kinney Jones

In this week’s Throwback we wind back the clock 27 years to 1992 and the AMA 500cc Motocross National at the Broome-Tioga Sports Center near Binghamton, New York. In this photo we see Honda’s Jeff Stanton (No. 2) nailing the holeshot at the start of a moto. Lined up behind Stanton are an all-star cast featuring Mike Kiedrowski (No. 3), Jeff Ward (No. 6), Jeff Matiasevich (No. 9), Rich Taylor (No. 41), Tony Graves (No. 84), Ray Sommo (No. 21) and Larry Brooks (No. 30) coming around the outside. Just visible behind the long line of riders chasing Stanton is Lance Smail (No. 46) heading up the rest of the field.

Kawasaki’s Mike Kiedrowski came through to win the overall that day and went on to edge out Stanton for that year’s championship.

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